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I've not disgraced Islam- Amosun

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The immediate past Governor of Ogun State, Senator  Ibikunle Amosun on Wednesday said as the first elected civilian Muslim governor of the State, he has not put the Islamic religion into shame.

Amosun also  clarified that his administration has paid fully all road contracts awarded by his government,  saying that none of them cannot but finish the job given to them..

Amosun who spoke during a prayer session organized by  Egba Muslims to end this year's  Ramadan held at his family house in Ita Iyalode,  Totoro area of Abeokuta, said, to the glory of God, we have not disgraced the Muslim Ummah and Islam. 

Amosun  said,  "when I came in yesterday night,  I saw what was happening. Everywhere contractors were working, they are still working because we paid them and we asked them to continue with the work. It does not matter, it is about Ogun State and I'm happy. Alhamdulillah".

"Look around, either in Ijebu-Ode, PWD are still working. All the roads, we've given them the money to work. All our roads in this Abeokuta., We've given them money". 

"The bridge at  NNPC  and that of Kuto  Roundabout would be linked together. They would work to Central BANK,  where we have Abeokuta Club. We have paid them. They will be working". 

"The road from Adatan to Saje to Mokola to  Enugada has also been paid for,  including the flyover at Mokola . So, everyday, they will work". 

"That is why I said I'm not the first governor. When some governors left, everything died. Today, to the glory of Almighty Allah, people are still working and we have paid them. They will continue to do the work until when the money they collected  is exhausted". 

"All the things we are doing, it is not by our might but by the grace of Almighty Allah and Allah will not leave us. We will continue to abide by the tenets of Islam".

" I'm happy that people have said it, that I was the first elected Muslim governor and to the glory of God, we have not disgraced the Muslim Ummah and Islam. Indeed, people will insult me sometimes, they will tell me that you don't look like a Muslim; how do Muslims look like? We are doing our job and we are doing it well. So, Almighty Allah will be with all of you", Amosun said. 

The former Governor said,  "Please continue to pray for me. Somebody told me, what did you do to them? They are many. I said how many are they now? I said if they are 20 before, pray that I will handle 200 enemies. But the one you should pray, how ever the number should be, we will overcome them. Almighty Allah will overcome them. For me, I'm just doing my bit. Just like what I said, I'm not God, I am human, I would have my faults but God knows and that is why I'm saying I'm at peace with my Creator