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Being endowed hasn’t helped me in getting movie roles- Opeyemi Adetunji

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Busty Yoruba actress, Opeyemi Adetunji has stated that being endowed isn’t the reason she gets movie roles. The talented role interpreter added that her acting aptitude has gotten her more roles.

“I don’t think being endowed as helped me in getting roles .Am I endowed? I feel it just happens as a result of my talent. I try out roles and If I am found worthy, I get the role”.

The actress who has featured in movies like Mopelola, Omo Alhaja , Omo Ijoba, to mention just a few, added that passion made her become an actress.

“I have always had passion for acting. So it was a case of me deciding pursuing my passion for acting.I was kind scared and timid when I went for my first audition. I was accompanied by a friend who really encouraged me”.

Sharing her challenges as a budding actress, Adetunji said:“Being visible and getting roles has been a challenge. I know that it’s only a matter of time.The pay is fair for now. When you are passionate about a craft, you won’t think about the money as long as you are happy doing it”.

The Osun state born thespian said whenever she gets any hint of sexual harassment, she would quit Nollywood.

“Sexual harassment is my limit. If it gets out of hand and i can’t control it. I will gladly quit. It is not a do or die affair”.

Asked about the challenges of being an actress, she said: “I have put my life at risk so many times because I had to be on a movie set. Most times I travel late at night”, she recounted.

In an interview, Adetunji stated that hardwork has sustained her so far in the industry.

“Hardwork and prayer is very important. There are lots of actors that come up all of a sudden and before you know it, they are nowhere to be found even with all their connections. This is because they are not hardworking. Talent is also very important because no matter how long you keep pushing your luck, the audience will definitely notice that you are not so good, you’ll start losing roles and gradually you’ll fall”.