Ibeshe Obaship tussle: Stop distorting history, Oje family warns Hezy Idowu - SALIENT TIMES ONLINE

Ibeshe Obaship tussle: Stop distorting history, Oje family warns Hezy Idowu

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The Oje Family of Oloko ruling house has warned Chief Hezy dowu, the Asiwaju of Ibeseland to stop distorting the history of the ancient town, saying that the candidate presented to the Kingmakers of Ibesheland remains Prince Saibu Adekunle Mustapha of Oje Family.

Prince Mustapha

The Oje family also warned those spreading fake news on the authenticity of Prince Saibu Adekunle Mustapha as a bonafide member of Oloko ruling house said the history of the family is there for everybody to peruse.

The Oje family while reacting to a protest led by Hezy Idowu in a statement signed by Mathieu Alani Oje, debunked the allegations that the Oloko family house has nominated one 
Prince Azeez Adedimeji Idowu, saying that there was never a day that the family nominated such individual.

Going down memory lane, Prince Oje said, "Our father has two wives, and the sons of the two wives are potential Obas, while we are from the second wife, the other family which are the Idowus are from the first wife.

The first wife have produced Oba for more than two times, now that it is time for the Oloko ruling house to present the next Aboro of Ibesheland, the entire Oloko ruling house have told the Oje family, who are from the second wife to present a candidate.

It was at the family meeting that we had sent the name of Prince Saibu Adekunle Mustapha to the kingmakers as our sole candidate from Oloko ruling.

"We are now wondering where Chief Hezy Idowu have seeing the names of Prince Azeez Adedimeji Idowu as the family candidate.

" Hezy Idowu is not part of our family, neither is he from any of the two ruling houses in Ibesheland, how come is he bent on destroying the family tide, is better for him to remain neutral and allow the kingmakers do their job diligently "

While appealing to the Ogun state government to critically look into the Obaship issue in Ibeshe, Akinwande said the state government pronouncement that no Oba have been installed in Ibeshe is a welcome development.

" We know that truly Ibeshe has not got any Oba elect, "but by the time the whole process shall start, government should follow due process and allow history and law to take its course