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My Biggest Mistake Was Coming To Premier League - Pep Gaurdiola

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Pep Guardiola insisted that the Premier League is harder to win than the Champions League after Manchester City took a significant step backward after losing to wolves from two goals lead.

Guardiola, who won La Liga with Barcelona and the Bundesliga with Bayern Munich, as well as two Champions Leagues with Barça, pointed to the Premier League’s physicality and agreed that he had answered critics who said his methods would not work in England. Guardiola also mad it clear about staying in Bundesliga was easy and he could have won the champions league again,

Guardiola said he always have hard time playing every game in the premier league including the teams in the relegation zone. He included that no match is a sure win in England you have to work hard in every match to get your three point.

Guardiola said “while my team was leading wolves 2-0 I never believed we could loss the match because we were possessing the game and we had all the odds in our favor. This is why I do sometimes regret coming to premier league because any mistake can turn your favor around.

“You cannot imagine,” City’s manager said. “It is every three days for our side and everybody else. It is the most difficult thing. The Champions League is seven game is there and, one bad game, you are out. In the league every game you have to stay there. Premier league is so challenging that player find it difficult to keep up. The amount of goals, chances and points, to do that in the Premier League, with the contenders we have, is because the players are so good.

“It was a good test, especially after what happened last season. Our performance was outstanding. We have lot of points and we play our games with great energy. It is because we have been outstanding. People say it was a big failure last week. The league is everything. The team was so good for nine months. It was not realistic in the beginning, what they have done. They deserve all my respect.”

City who had to win 14 successive top-flight fixtures to finish one point ahead of Liverpool last season have found themselves struggling to pick up formand retain the title, and their manager feels his squad will benefit from overcoming this adversity.

This is the toughest League title win that we have won, in my career by far," Guardiola

"Next season will be tougher, but we'll be stronger too. I think when you win two in a row in this country you have done really, really well.

"That is the reality, and I have the feeling next season, looking back we will try to be better than who we are now."

Guardiola says his team must improve because he sees more sides providing competition for top spot.

"We have to make the right decisions for next season to come back stronger, because Liverpool will maintain it and the other ones will be better," he said.

"[Manchester] Unitedmust come back, Chelseawill be better, Tottenham [Hotspur]we have seen in the Champions League and, when Arsenaldo what they have to do, they will be there too."

Pep Guardiola says it would be ‘a mistake’ for his Manchester City side to think about the Premier League title race right now – but maintains they can still catch Liverpool.