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Oshiomhole's Suspension: How Obaseki Reduced APC National Chairman To A Common Political Factor

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When a highly place personality starts dragging space with his subordinate over a very unnecessary supremacy fight, there is the likelihood of such personality getting degraded or messed up. Especially when every one knows that the subordinate did no identifiable wrong, nor does the important personality has the power to exercise unrestrained power over the subordinate. This is exactly what the situation of the conflict between Obaseki and Oshiomhole has turned to.

For the record, Oshiomhole is the immediate past governor of Edo state, and he played a major role in Obaseki's becoming the incumbent governor of the state; though not without INEC manipulation and later Judicial magic characteristics of the Nigerian judiciary. Not only is Oshiomhole the immediate past governor of Edo state, he is also the current national Chairman of the APC, the party under which Obaseki is a governor. This qualifies Oshiomhole as a very important personality in both Nigerian politics and Edo politics. However, being an important personality is not equivalent to having all-covering power and authority over ones subordinate. So in a party arrangement as APC, the national chairman controls the party, under the leadership of whoever is the president (assuming the party controls the presidency), while the state Chairman controls the party at the state level, under the leadership of whoever is the governor of the state (assuming the party controls the governorship in the state too).

Therefore national Chairman can only give national directives with the consent of the president, as the state Chairman gives out state directives as consented to by the governor. In this case, the national chairman has no business on state party's affairs, accept with the consent of the state Chairman as approved by the governor. It is only when state's party affairs derogate from the party's constitution that the national chairman needs no one's consent to intervene, to save the party from disrepute. This clear arrangement is what Oshiomhole attempted to relegate to his personal whims, which has brought him to a common political factor, from his significant status of national chairman; all thanks to governor Obaseki.

Tired of Oshiomhole overbearing trouble making in Edo state APC, which was gradually unsettling the peace in the state, Edo state APC exco had in November, suspended Adams Oshiomhole, the national chairman of APC from the state party activities. Meanwhile, this is the first time such will be happening in the political history of Nigeria; that state exco of a political party will be suspending their party's national chairman. Yet the action of the Edo state APC exco did not violate any party's rule. Despite this first red flag/warning, Adams Oshiomhole continued in his power exuberant, and thereby complicating the cordial relationship that once existed in APC Edo state. The unrelenting attitude of Oshiomhole currently led Obaseki to publicly endorse and announce that Oshiomhole renains suspended from Edo state APC party's activities. It could be recalled that the Obaseki-led faction of the APC had effected this suspension in November after a vote of no confidence was passed on Oshiomhole, allegedly by 18 chairmen of the local government chapters of the party in the state.

So, speaking in line with this, Godwin Obaseki, during a meeting with some Wards and LGAs leaders of the party in the state on Friday, reiterated that Adams Oshiomhole, the national chairman of APC stays suspended from Edo state APC party's activities, except “he comes back remorseful and apologetic, we will consider taking him back.” and he added that “Can you imagine a national chairman that is creating problems in his own house? Because of that, we had to suspend him and he remains suspended,” and went ahead to offer prayers for the embattled Oshiomhole, when he said “We pray that God should have mercy on him because he has done something bad against God and the people of Edo State; he should find his way back into the party and apologize to all of us.”

Unfortunately for Oshiomhole governor Obaseki is in good term with his deputy, the SSG, and the state party chairman. Making it a difficult, even though it is illegal fight for Oshiomhole. This is how a supoosedly revered national chairman Adams Oshiomhole, got reduced to a common political factor by Obaseki, in his own state where he should naturally have the greatest support.