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3 Richest Monarchs In Nigeria Including Their Net Worths And Cars

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Nigeria as a country has many traditional rulers who are very rich and influential in the society before they became a king. They are made king and they are not expected to live their life on a low-key level as a common man in the society. They are often refer to as first class monarchs who live in an honorable places with luxurious cars, houses etc.
However, these so called first class kings often appears in a particular occasion of which they are invited in convoys of cars, and many people in the society are not surprised to see these because they believe that once you are a first class king you are expected to appear in such a manner. When talking about net worth and cars of these monarchs you need to take a look at the top 3 richest first class monarchs in Nigeria with their various cars including their net worth.

1. OBA OBATERU AKINRUNTAN – OLUGBO OF UGBO ($300 Million ~ ₦108.2 Billion)

Oba Obateru Akinruntan is the royal head of Ugbo, in Ondo state asides that he owns Obat Petroleum who has the biggest oil depot in Africa. His Petroleum Company is also the largest private oil trading firm in the country. Forbes listed the monarch as the richest in Nigeria and one of the richest in Africa with the net worth of over 300 million USD. Talking about his cars he owns Bentley Mulsanne (2014 model) which is valued at #100 million Naira, he also has in his possession a customized Rolls-Royce (2012 edition).

2. SA’ADU ABUBAKAR – SULTAN OF SOKOTO ($100 Million ~ ₦36.1 Billion)

Sa’adu Abubakar is the most powerful monarch in the Northern part of Nigeria; the list cannot be completed without mentioning his name. This particular monarch is the head of Sokoto Caliphate and he’s amongst the richest monarch in Nigeria. He retired as a Brigadier General in the Nigerian Army before he ascended the throne of sultan in 2006 after the death of Sultan Miccado; he became the 20thsultan of Sokoto.

He’s also the spiritual head of the Muslims in that part of northern region in Nigeria. He is the deputy of the Nigeria council of Traditional rulers in the country. His net worth stands at 100 million USD. Sultan of Sokoto as he’s often called owns many cars at the top of it, is the Rolls-Royce 2017 model.

3. SANUSI LAMIDO SANUSI – EMIR OF KANO ($80 Million ~ ₦30 Billion)

The list cannot be completed without mentioning that famous name Sanusi Lamido Sanusi who was formerly the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria. He is a Business tycoon whose net worth is close to 80 million USD. The Emir of Kano as he’s now often known as was a very influential personality in the society with several investments and assets before he ascended the throne of Emir. He was one time listed as one of the most popular personality of the year by US Time Magazine. The Emir of Kano recently acquired the latest Royce-Royce which is regarded as the most expensive car any black will acquire.

Source: Twitter: @SeunMorakinyo1