Amotekun: We are drafting a law that will stand the test of time - Ogun AG - SALIENT TIMES ONLINE

Amotekun: We are drafting a law that will stand the test of time - Ogun AG

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The Ogun State Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, Mr. Akingbolahan Adeniran has said that the Southwestern states of the country are drafting a legal framework that would stand the test of time on Àmòtékùn.

Adeniran made this known while fielding questions from journalists at his office in Oke-Mosan, Abeokuta, he said that the affected states would not propose a law that would be quashed at the Supreme Court in the future.

He said that this would take "a bit of time" to arrive at a final bill that would be presented at the Houses of Assembly for consideration, noting that once the has been passed, there would be no going back from the implementation of that Àmòtékùn.

He said, "We (Attorneys General) resolved that we would prepare a draft which would be approved at the state's level and then be presented at various Houses of Assembly for passage and signed into by the respective governors. So, we are in the process of preparing the draft."

He emphasized that Àmòtékùn has come to stay because of the present insecurity in the country, noting that it was not established to counter or compete with the government security apparatus in the country but to strengthen and improve on the security of lives and property of the nation.

"No one is competing or flexing muscles with the government security agencies in the country as being speculated by ethnics group, but all what we want is full security of lives and property of our people in the Western region of the country, and once the law is passed, then Àmòtékùn will commence operation," Adeniran said

He said that the formation of Àmòtékùn in the South Western region of the country was to complement the mainstream security agencies in the country, noting that not a duplication or replacement for the Nigerian Police, but to give people confidence that they are being looked after by those they elected into office.

He added that no laws ever disagree with  the establishment of any security outfit in the country, especially by any region, but it must be channeled through the normal process, saying that Nigeria as at today need to be secured more than ever before.

According to him, "We (Southwest region) can not just jump through the gun in the process of Àmòtékùn but all hands need to be on desk in achieving this and must also go through normal and constitutional process in ensuring the passage of the law by the respective governors of Southwestern States of the country".