Dr. Sid, Simi's marriage is over? Over issues of money, domestic violence allegations... - SALIENT TIMES ONLINE

Dr. Sid, Simi's marriage is over? Over issues of money, domestic violence allegations...

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For close to 3 years, the marriage of popular musician, Sidney Esiri and his wife, Simi, has been followed by rumours of a break-up.

It was widely reported in the media, that things are no longer rosy has it used be when they newly got married. Though, after the rumoured separation, nothing was heard about their crash.

Though, Simi was alleged to have moved out of the couples home, but they decided to keep their trouble marriage out of the public glare because of the intervention of close family members and friends..

Part of what was done was the appearance of the couple at the wedding dinner of, Fatima Dangote in 2018, which is probably the last time the couple were seen together, has husband and wife.

Dr. Sid, had shared a photo of himself and Simi and also posted a message that he caught one of Fatima Dangote's bridesmaids

"I caught one of the bridesmaids at #famil2018"

Of which, Simi, also replied...

"Legally Caught"

But some people were quick to respond that things aren't right between the couple despite the banter and photo shared by Dr. Sid.

Simi, was alleged to have already moved out of the family home at which time she was already pregnant with their almost 2 year-old, second daughter.

According to those in the know, the singer failing career and the fact that he is allegedly broke has been responsible for the problems in their marriage.

Dr. Sid, for a while now has been unable to find his feet or produced a major hit for a while. The confectionery business, he opened a while ago, has since closed down. And, now, he's reported to be making plan to start a sporting media job called, E-Sport.

Because money is said to be allegedly tight in the family, Simi, is said to be the major breadwinner of the family.

This however put a strain in their relationship until things couldn't hold anymore and she moves out. She was said to forbade the singer from coming back home despite knowing he's an entertainer. And whenever there's an issue between them she was alleged to flew into a rage and smash things and also subject, Dr. Sid to domestic violence.

It has also been alleged that, Dr. Sid is yet to have any physical contact with their second daughter since she was born about 2 year-old because she forbade any contact between, Dr. Sid and the children.

In 2015, Dr. Sid and Simi Osomo, had one of the biggest weddings of that year.

The wedding was one of the biggest and was well attended by who is who in the entertainment and outside the entertainment industry that year. It was also a tasteful wedding with lots of beautiful decorations and the cake was one of the highlights of the wedding.