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Meet The 24-Year-Old ‘Female King’ Of Yoruba Land Who Rules With A Bible

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Yoruba tradition precludes a princess from becoming a king, but many of them have been installed regents or stop-gap kings in many towns and cities across the Southwest. However, their often rotund faces and other feminine features do always set them apart from the male world which their looks and their relations with male chiefs gave them away as such. They carry the common title of regents.

24-year-old Falowo Moyinoluwa was installed as the king of Ibulesoro kingdom of Ifedore Local Government Council in Ondo State, Nigeria after the death of her father who was the king. The graduate of Microbiology from the Ondo State University of Science and Technology became the king in April 2019. Being an ardent Christian, she refused to drop her faith or Holy Bible even as she sits on a traditional stool.

She said she never took part in any fetish activities and was never asked to do so by the chiefs. There are several taboos attached to the post. She can not engage in intimate relationship while on the throne and should not be pregnant during the period because, according to findings, if the regent delivers a male child, such a child may wish to aspire to the throne in future. She is not seen as a female.

However, her reign is for a short term as she is only on the throne until the kingmakers are able to choose a new king from the three ruling families in the kingdom.

According to Yoruba tradition, the moment a princess ascends the throne and as long as she remains the regent, she is no longer regarded as a woman and she is expected to appear always like a man, but she is only allowed to wear the round beaded crowns, unlike the male kings who have various crowns designed and decorated with beads which may fall over their faces.