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Neymar's Arrival At Chelsea Would Give The Blues The Cutting Edge They Lack

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Neymar would be an impactful addition to any side in Europe, let alone Chelsea that's been struggling to create and convert chances in recent weeks.

Neymar Jr., a player courted by all the big teams in Europe, destined for greatness, his skills, goals, assists and overall contribution could take any team from being average to world class.

Although surrounded with controversies but his impact on the pitch cannot be ignored, and that's why PSG paid a world record fee to land their man.

Neymar has been linked with a return to Barcelona most notably back in August before the start of the season but the deal didn't materialize and he was quick to settle back in at the Paris club despite publicly declaring his frustrations at the club.

Chelsea on the other hand have courted Neymar since he was a kid at Santos and it took Brazilian legend Pele's advice to stop the then wonderkid from joining Chelsea.

A deal for neymar looks rather unrealistic considering the club's recent change in philosophy concerning transfers and also the FFP rules in place.

But considering the club's recent struggles, a player of Neymar's ability could be the answer after the club lost its talisman in Eden Hazard.

Can Chelsea afford Neymar? Probably not, but football is full of surprises and if Roman Abramovich decides to take matters into his hands, it could be a possibility.