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Owner of Popular Amala spot White House has been Assassinated

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Owner of popular Yaba restaurant, WhiteHouse, has been murdered by suspected armed robbers.

News has it that Alhaji as he's fondly called was robbed in his Shomolu home last Monday night. The robbers carted away a large chunk of his valuables, and went ahead to make withdrawals from his bank account using his debit card.

Aliu, proceeded to report the unfortunate incident at the police station the next day, after which he went about his daily activities.

The armed robbers returned to his apartment on Tuesday night to assassinate him. Alhaji was shot dead in the chest by the robbers, and they left empty handed this time.

Brother to Alhaji Aliu Shehu, has since cried out to the Nigeria Police Force and the Lagos state government to help fish out the robbers that murdered his brother.

He tweeted, “He (Aliu) was robbed in his home at exactly 2.46am. They robbed only his apartment (2nd floor) out of the whole building; they collected all the gadgets (7) and his ATM card. They withdrew N360,000 from the ATM and transfer.

“Following morning, he went to the police station to report the incident at the Pedro Police Station and the incident was kept low key, so far robbery has become something of regular occurrence in our country. He returned to his regular business at his regular resumption hour as usual.

“The following night, 21/1/2020 at exact same time as the previous one, 2.44am, the previous gang was just two and had no guns, but these particular killers were eight, fully armed with guns. They forced their way in and shot him twice (in the chest and right arm) and left. We rushed him to a nearest hospital, but he gave up before we got there.”

The Lagos state Police command have apprehended a suspect already, and they promised that every accomplice in this crime will be brought to book.