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Simi finally confirms her divorce with popular musician husband!

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Simi Esiri, the wife of popular Nigeria musician Sidney Esiri popularly known as Dr Sid finally took to her Instagram page to confirm the divorce story making rounds about her and her husband to be true!

She did this while disclaiming some speculations and rumors flying around about her being physically violent towards her husband and how she has also prevented her husband from seeing their children.

It should be remembered that the couple got engaged in 2013 and were legally joined in marriage in an extravagant wedding in 2014. The couple's are blessed with two adorable children. theirs was believed to be a 'they lived happily ever after' kind of marriage until different rumors began to spread around about the couple's estrangement and divorce.

Some even speculated that Simi is a vicious man-beater and has been inflicting bodily harms on her husband. As if that wasn't enough, it was also rumored that she has denied Dr. Sid the right to gain access to their children. But as these were no evidence to prove this speculations, they were considered baseless and ignored.

Until today...

When Simi posted on Instagram to confirm the divorce stories to be true.

She explained all these rumors to be attempts made by petty press who would go to any ridiculous length to generate traffic on their sites and get their posts clicked upon!

According to her, her husband is twice her size and the pictures he has been posting of him and the children are solid proofs against the baseless allegations.

She further made it clear that such defamatory acts would no longer be tolerated henceforth as she has "stomached enough."

Dr. Sid however remains silent on the issue as there has been no post whatsoever about the marriage/divorce issue on his social media handles.