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Top 6 States in Nigeria with the most Ugly Girls

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One of the greatest sayings of all time is that "black is beautiful". I want to believe that whoever that mad such statement must have checkmate, rate and see the fact that indeed black is beautiful. But not withstanding, there are some blacks that are just not beautiful no matter how you coin it when it comes to physical beauty.

Let's check out some of the black states in Nigeria that are rated over time to have the most ugly ladies.

Ekiti State: Ekiti state is one of the Yoruba speaking part of Nigeria with the highest rated ugly girls, even though they are known to be heavy i.e fat, and bulky from behind but nothing to write home about on their facial looks or appearance.

Ebonyi State: This state is known to have short girls who are not bulky or fat and still not attractive in the eye though they are fair in complexion.

Plateau State: Plateau state is one of the middle belt states in Nigeria characterized of having short and black ladies with nothing to write home about their physical beauty, size, shape and complexion even though they have a beautiful heart.

Kebbi State: this is one of the northern states with ugly ladies all around their is absolutely nothing to write home about this ladies.

Enugu State: Enugu state an Igbo state is also seen as one of the states with ugly girls all around. The igbos ideally are known to be beautiful most at times base on their complexion. But the reverse is the case when it comes to Enugu girls, they have the complexion but staunch faces looking like men with beards all over.

Bayelsa State: I don't know if its because of the Warrior street life that makes its ladies ugly. Girls in this state lose their beauty due to the street life "agbero" making them staunch and hard in the face.