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Exposed! Pastor Who Slept With Man's Wife And Also Went For Daughter

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Members of the First Christ Apostolic Church in Baltimore, Maryland - U.S must have been shocked when an angry man who appeared to be armed with cast-iron evidence stormed the church accusing a pastor presiding there of not only sleeping with his wife but trying to lure his daughter named Kunmi into his bed.

The unnamed and faceless pastor according to the man's scanty account as heard in the viral video, tried wooing his daughter between December last year and January 2020. What appears to have irked the accuser the most at the scene of the melee was that the accused firmly stood his ground in the face of the disgraceful accusations.

The church in question seems to be populated by Nigerians of the Yoruba tribe.

The faces of some male elders in the church were filled with shame but the young ones felt indifferent as some of them tried to record the embarrassing event.

The accused pastor tried as much as possible to flee the scene while the accuser was on his neck speaking the local Nigerian language. He bragged about having evidence of his interaction with his daughter. Some of the church members tried to persuade him against 'desecrating' the House of God but the man wouldn't listen.

He wanted to expose the erring cleric who was hiding his face from the camera. That must have been his saving grace or else his picture would have been circulated online.

Since the video was released on social media, it has been serving the purpose of humour and many people who have expressed concerns about the state of the church today have been using it to further buttress their claims.

When incidents like this happen, the church hardly learns from it. The defensive narrative is that the church is under attack and the accusers are agents of the devil.

The truth is that the enemies of the church are not the unseen Lucifer and other spiritual forces but some officials abusing the system to satisfy their selfish interests.

These people are not only making money from tithes, offerings, donations and false prophecies, they are also taking advantage of vulnerable women who look up to them. In recent times, scandals upon scandals have been rocking the church amidst numerous cover-ups.

Last year, an Abuja-based Pastor was called out for not just sleeping with female members but also doing it forcefully. Even in the media, there have been numerous cases like that in Nigeria.

A self-acclaimed prophet used a final year student of the Lagos State University, Favour Daley-Oladele for money-making rituals in Osun State. In 2018, a report issued by a grand jury in Pennsylvania, U.S stated there were over 1,000 child victims of sexual abuse by over 300 Catholic priests. There were also concerns that thousands of other cases might be yet to be uncovered.

The truth is that most Christian clerics don't live by example. They don't practise what they preach. They are wolves and not good shepherds; and they endanger the lives of the sheep kept in their care. Today, some of these clerics now have more dirty and dark secrets than the average politicians instead of being Christ-like.

All these scandals have been eroding trust in the church which is supposed to be a place of solace for the people. One day, we need to sit down and agree that the church needs to be sanitised as it's fast becoming a thick forest with lots of wild animals hiding under the greenery waiting for preys.

I feel for the victim of this particular pastor whose marriage has been destroyed. It's hard to love a woman who you suspect committed adultery. He only came to fight to protect his daughter. Such a double loss could have been destructive to his psyche. Women should also protect themselves by trusting more in God and not their pastors who is also a human being with his own share of life struggles.