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Ota land: Family disowns litigants against Obasanjo

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The Sogunro Family at Itele Ota in Ado-odo-Ota Local Government Area of Ogun State has disclaimed four residents of the area, that insitutued legal action against former President,  Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. 

The litigants, including Chief Nurudeen Akanbi Akapo, Sunday Mathew Owotolu,  Taoreed Momodu Dada and Monsuru Ashifatu Yusuf had dragged Obasanjo, his brother, Chief Abraham Idowu Akanle and wife before the State High Court Ota over alleged defective documents on the expanse of land at Itele, Sogunro village among other anomalies. 

But, the entire Sogunro family, led by Hon. Sunday Sogunro at a news conference in Ota at the weekend, dismissed the litigants declaring that they were not part of the family and has no right to take the former President and brother to court in whatever capacity.

Accompanied by a number of Sogunro Family members with various placards to show their disaffection, Sogunro said the development came to the notice of the family with "a rude shock, which prompted an investigation by the family.

"And after this investigation, we discover that those behind this case issue were not part of Sogunro Family, which necessitated this world press conference.

"We cannot fold our arms and allow some strange people to come and subject this family name to ridicule. We are condemning this in its entirety.

"The litigants, Chief Nurudeen Akanbi Akapo, Sunday Mathew Owotolu, Taoreed Momodu Dada and Monsuru Ashifatu Yusuf from what we read in the newspapers were not part of Sogunro family, so we wonder why they will say the case against Baba Obasanjo, his brother, Chief Akanle and Mama Akanle is over Sogunro Village, which we are bona fide members and we would not know anything about it? He queried.

Among the inscriptions on the placards displayed at the conference read: "Sogunro Family NOT ingrate to Obasanjo" "Sogunro Family NOT part of Case against Obasanjo at Itele" "Nurudeen Akanbi Akapo, Sunday Mathew Owotolu,  Taoreed Momodu Dada, Monsuru Ashifatu Yusuf NOT members of Sogunro Family"

Others include, "We know ourselves in Sogunro village" "Nurudeen Akapo, Sunday Owotolu, Taoreed Dada, Monsuru Yusuf, Remove Sogunro Village from your case or face wrath of God"

"Don't be confusionnists. Ogungbemi Alagbeji Family NOT part of Sogunro Family"

Sogunro, while answering questions on if the news conference was not meant to succumb to pressures, declared that such could not happen, wondering, "succumb to which pressure. I have just told you that we carry out our investigation and discover that no member of this family was part of the case against Obasanjo and you want us to keep quiet? 

"We have to come to the public to expose the desperation of these people and that is all. In Yoruba saying, you don't scrape the hair of the owner of the head in his absence. The Sogunro family cannot be under any pressure to say what is not true."