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COVID-19: Comedian urges to educate using platforms

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An Ibadan-based comedian, Oluwatobi Owomoyela aka Peteru on Monday urged fellow comedians to use their various platforms to educate Nigerians on COVID-19. 

Owomoyela told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Ibadan that ending the COVID-19 epidemic is a collective responsibility and no way is too little to pass a message.

 “I’ll say comedians should take this up and educate as many as possible on their platforms. They should guide and enlighten the general public about COVID-19.

 “In the process they should also preach the gospel of hope that this too shall pass by soonest if we all play our parts and do all that’s required in keeping safe,” he said. 

He added that as comedians, they view situations differently and so was their ways of tackling it.

 “Well, we all have different opinions about the issue the world is facing, some skits are educative, some are just meant to make us all laugh. 

“While we are at home, boredom sets in and a whole lot of ideas pop up. It’s not about just comedians now, even artistes are posting a whole lot of funny stuff out there. “The whole essence of these skits is to ease people of the tension while indoors and staying safe.

 “I think we comedians are doing well right now on COVID-19. We are educating and putting smiles on the faces of the general public.

 “Come to think of it, the fear of the virus alone is killing most people even before contracting the virus,” he said. 

The comedian urged Nigerians to positively utilise the stay at home for a re-launch once the epidemic is over. 

“I’ve been staying at home and keeping myself busy by writing new materials, and getting ready for the task ahead. 

“The truth is in case we all don’t know, work will speed up when this is over and when you’re not ready you will be left behind,” he said.