Covid-19: Ogun NURTW Chairman Warns Motorists, Passengers Against Overloading - SALIENT TIMES ONLINE

Covid-19: Ogun NURTW Chairman Warns Motorists, Passengers Against Overloading

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The Ogun State Chairman, National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), Comrade Hakeem Bodunrin (Iyeru), has warned motorists in the state against the overloading of vehicles with passengers.

Bodunrin made this known while addressing motorists, in order to curb the menace of coronavirus pandemic in the state, held at Union's Secretariat, Asero, Abeokuta, the state capital.

He said that all drivers of vehicles should endeavour to carry only one person at the front and not more than two in a row of the vehicles, noting that buses should carry two persons on a row too to avoid close contact.

"It is very imperative to curtail the spread of the global Covid-19 through avoidable overloading of passengers, people need to space themselves, in order to avoid close contact of virus", Bodunrin said

He admonished the commuters/travelers to also endeavour to stay away from overloaded vehicles at all times, saying that nobody could afford to be infected with Covid-19, as it was pandemic disease that attract large numbers of people.

He said "it is better to be cautious of large gathering/crowd, stay back and be healthy at all times, people need to avoid unhealthy acts that will attract spreading of the virus, as the world has already had enough of the virus.

He advised motorists who notice any strange type of flu or illness to consider the welfare of others and stay back, noting that whosever observed any strange illness should submit himself/herself for medical examination.

He also urged the motorists and passengers to take along their nose cover and sanitizers for precautionary motives, saying that the Covid-19 would not spread if adequate measures were put in places.

Bodunrin added that passengers and motorists needs to heed to advice of medical experts in avoiding the spread of virus, noting that whoever wanted to sneeze inside the vehicles should use tissue papers or sneeze into their elbow.

"Mind you, prevention is better than cure, people need to abide by the rules of health experts in the country, we need to guide against spread of the virus through abiding by the advice of the medical personnel", Bodunrin added