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Covid-19: Sex workers decry over poor patronage

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By Omowunmi Beyioku

Commercial sex workers at Allen Avenue Ikeja, have been hit hard by the novel coronavirus (CONVID-19) that has hit the world, forcing some of them to call their customers at reduced prices. 

They said the Virus is preventing their customers and potential customers from engaging their services for the fear of contracting it through body contact. 

To them, the COVID-19 is not the only disease that puts their health at risk.

 There has been a ban on all social gatherings, shaking of hands, body contacts, the social distance of two meters among others, all practical measures of avoiding the spread of coronavirus that has hit the country. 

The country has so far recorded 46 cases of the virus , with one death, recorded in the midst of adhering to the measures of avoiding body contacts, social distance, washing and sanitizing of hands, avoiding gatherings among others, announced by the nigerian center for disease control, our corespondent who visited Allen Avenu roundabout, Ikeja, said the spots were not as busy as they used to be before the emergence of the COVID-19.

“Though I am afraid of the disease I have to confront it as its my source of income, one of the worker said. 

I used to entertain ten customers a day, but with the advent of the coronavirus, only two customers have patronized me in four days, even at reduced prices,” a Queen of the Night, as they preferred to be called, said,

A frustrated lady also said “life has become hard. Since last week, I have not even slept with one customer, how am I going to pay for my rent and other bills? I am afraid of the CONVID-19, but there are other diseases that kill. I pray that the disease is controlled as early as possible to reverse business to normalcy.”