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Labour Party Condemns Ogun Commissioner Rating of Osoba, Calls for his Resignation

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Ogun State Labour Party has condemned the recent statement credited to the Commissioner for Youths and Sports in Ogun State, Dr Kehinde Oluwadare, refering to the national leader of All Progressives Congress and former governor of the State, Aremo Olusegun Osoba, as a political failure, saying that the Commissioner ought to have honourably resigned his position.

In a release signed by the State Chairman of the Party in Ogun, Comrade Abayomi Arabambi, said Dr Kehinde Oludare should tender his resignation to atone for the unwarranted statement.

The full Statement reads

The Party is calling ' for his resignation from the  view the current impasse and illegal rapport between certain political mercenaries and scavengers on one side and the duo of Ayo Olubori and the youthful Hon Commissioner for Youth and Sport , Dr Kehinde Oluwadare on the other side as a serious breach to establish constitutional frame work and deliberate assault and infraction on federal Government constitutionally recognized institutions" 

"Our warning that was ignored some six weeks ago about the dreaded destructive political wing of  a self style PDP opposition within PDP who has his eyes on the converted No 1 political position come 2023  was ignored as a mere dress rehearsal" . 

"The political scavengers call  themselves " The League of  Registered political Parties in Ogun State even after they have been deregistered by INEC in line with constitution as amended but in truth , they are the political mercenary division of IPERU DOMICILE OPPOSITION PDP/APM&APC Faction in PDP". 

The same factional opposition leader is the founder and sponsor  of this League of deregistered political parties in Ogun State. These cash and carry men in their hearts are fully settled to continually do evil .

Currently , one very notorious political immigrant , a highly compromised political nomad in the name of Olaposi Oginni claims to be the convener but very much willingly aided and abetted by the duo of the current acting State Secretary of Ogun State APC and the current Ogun State Commissioner for Youths and Sports Dr Kehinde Oludare who has now fallen into becoming the first casualty as a result of his shallow experience in anchoring political intrigues .

The undoing of the Commissioner is his inadequate exposure to how the morally dead political cancers operate. By this he compromised the integrity of the State Governor in his inordinate ambition to become suddenly visible . This is least  expected at the most critical and political  times for our dear state , Our Governor and the  Government to say the least .

 All of these have already been perfected thus our warning as early as Feb 29th 2020 of the agenda of Ayo Olubori and Olaposi Oginni as puppeteered by IPERU  PDP OPPOSITION FIGURE  in publications in several online newspapers. We specifically advised the APC State Chairman , and some other key stakeholders in the Government of Prince Dapo Abiodun to watch this political conoravirus militants but  Unfortunately we were   ignored.

 At this point , if the association of Ayo Olubori , Kehinde Oludare with the evil body including the other key Party and Government senior officials involved are not firmly and decisively broken , the party APC in Ogun State will be comfortably sitting on a political time - bomb.

 Meanwhile this is just a brief second warning and the hope is that necessary steps will be taken as those parading themselves have no political party known to Law and INEC  , however , as a departing shot , a clear and detailed information in regards of persons involved in the unfolding game of the devilish politicians and their programs and methods will be released soon to unveil the participants in this dance of those with inordinate ambitions in the APC in league with the IPERU DOMICILE  PDP OPPOSITION

In conclusion , the Ogun State APC under the Chairmanship of Chief Yemi Sanusi should take this warning very serious. The game has not even began from the well desperately prepared  PDP OPPOSITION who is employing tons of money to oil this simmering rebellion.

His Excellency Gov Dapo Abiodun needs to now place a very close watch on some key Government functionary to avoid repeat of this kind of infractions as the video recording of the event where the Commissioner made the damaging statements are so much available , clear and audible . Of course , the source that released the report is insisting on the truth of its report. All the denials by the inexperienced Commissioner are silly and unacceptable

For the records , the League of Registered political party is a fraud and not known to INEC or IPAC  and also both the convener and secretary has no political party and office 

Let all be aware 

Comrade Gentleman Arabambi 
State Chairman