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Many Nigerians not aware of World Happiness Day

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 As the world celebrates Happiness Day on March 20, some residents of Jos say they are not aware of the event. 

The day was originally conceptualised and founded in 2006 by Jayme Illien, the Chief Executive Officer of the United Nations New World Order project, to promote happiness among people of the world. 

But the residents of the tin city said that they were unaware of the existence and celebration of such day. 

Mr Isaac Abaa said that this was the first time that he was hearing about the day.

 Abaa, however, said that happiness was a relative term,depending on the situation one found himself. “I am not happy because of the situation in the country, but I am making deliberate efforts not to be sad,”he said .

He said that eating his wife’s special delicacy and answering challenging questions from his children after school were the only things that were making him happy. 

Another resident, MrJeremiah James, also said he was not aware of the day, but that the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) was making him sad because schools and places of worship were being shut down.

 “The spread of coronavirus has affected the level of my happiness because we heard that, school’s and places of worship will be shut down and it is a thing of concern,” he said. 

But Miss Blessing Gokum says she is happy for being alive to celebrate her sister’s graduation from nursing school. “I am very happy today because today is my sister’s graduating from nursing school.

 “Happiness is free, therefore I try to be happy and also make the people around me happy,” Gokum said. 

Miss Shantel David, a student of Plateau State University, Bokkos, said that she was sad because of the ongoing strike by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU).

 David said that the ASUU strikes were making students to stay in school beyond the expected period. She further said that the fear of the Coronavirus and the attendant economic downturn were causing untold hardships to her. 

Miss Cynthia Mancha on her part, also said said that the coronavirus had affected her state of happiness as many innocent people were losing there lives to the disease. 

“Today is World Happiness Day, but as I am talking to you now I am mourning, mourning the innocent souls that lost their lives around the world because of the disease. 

“The fast spread of the virus is really causing chaos and anxiety in our society today. “I am advising people, especially those being quarantined not to lose hope on life and to also to focus their energy on being happy,” Mancha said