Angry Nigerians Blasts Pastor Chris Oyakhilome After He Claims CoronaVirus Was Caused By 5G Network - SALIENT TIMES ONLINE

Angry Nigerians Blasts Pastor Chris Oyakhilome After He Claims CoronaVirus Was Caused By 5G Network

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Nigerian citizens has given back a negative comment on the claim of the Founder of the Christ Embassy Church, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome that the Corona Virus disease was caused by the Emergence of the new 5G network technology.

Pastor Oyakhilome is an article sent earlier claimed that the European frame up the COVID-19 disease to lure human being to devil as prophecized in the Bible that when the end of the world is near there will be alot of atroticities.
Oyakhilome also digress from the content of the article and term it to be a reason why everybody must not play or joke with Christ, where he added that 5G is only a distraction to their devilish plan.

“Don’t think what is happening right now has to do with a virus. It’s not a virus. The world has chosen to be deceived. As they have been deceived many times before" He said.
Majorities of Nigerians and world citizens discussing about this issue has trashed it out that Corona Virus is a normal phenomenon that can happen to human existence.

In a reaction to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's claim, Abike Achebe on twitter said "Pastor chris has no qualifications or expertise in what he's sharing to millions of his followers. Any kid in nursery school can draw that nonsense chart & label it anything".

Another reaction to the Cleric says "Corona virus has showed us that we need to build more hospitals than churches/mosques

If truly there's a God who created humans & answered prayers. Pastor Chris should go to hospitals to pray & heal people with coronavirus instead of talking nonsense about 5G#5GinNigeria

Another reaction to the claims says "I'm not surprised abt Pastor Chris & his assertions.

The goal is 'Fear for control'.
Bertrand Russell explained it best in "why i am not a Christian".

Religion is a symptom of fear.
Fear is a consequence of religion.
Eliminate fear & u'll have no reason to worship any deity".