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Couple seeks police probe of missing baby in Lagos hospital

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*We had twin babies, they gave us one baby, couple alleges 

*I don’t know why they are bent on dragging the hospital down- Official 

A Lagos-based couple, Mr. Obinna Alo, and Mrs. Obinna Faith, are accusing a Catholic Hospital, Saint Raphael Divine Mercy Hospital, Ikorodu, of stealing one of their twin babies during delivery.  

The 31-year-old Faith, it was learnt, had registered at the faith-based hospital in November 2019, four months into her pregnancy, and as part of the hospital policy, Faith said she was assigned to one Dr. Uzoma, a gynaecologist, who attended to her until the day she was delivered of the twins. 

While Faith claimed that three different scan results, done in the course of her nine months journey to motherhood, showed she was carrying twin babies, she was however, shocked to have been delivered of a baby boy at the hospital on March 6. 

In what she termed a conspiracy, the Ebonyi state-born woman, who is also a trained nurse, alleged that although she had told Dr. Uzoma and the hospital authority not to sedative her during the caesarean session delivery, they had gone ahead to inject her, making her semi-unconscious during the operation. 

Faith in an interview revealed that in her semi-conscious state, she saw the doctor, deliver her of twin babies, but was shocked, after waking up to be told she had delivered only a baby boy. 

The distraught woman said she and her husband had raised alarm over the sudden disappearance of their other baby, but was told by the chief medical director and hospital authority that the scan made a mistake. 

In a bid to unravel the mystery surrounding the sudden disappearance of their baby, the couple had requested for the scan results showing Faith was carrying twin babies, but were denied the result by the hospital. 

“I want my baby; I know how many babies I delivered on March 6, this year.  

“Although, the hospital had injected me with a sedative against my wish, I was still aware of my surrounding and I saw when two babies were brought out of me. 

Even the three scan results I had during pregnancy, proved same.

 “That hospital knows what happened to my baby. I delivered twin babies and that I am sure of. The hospital should tell me what happened to my baby.  

“If only I had known, I wouldn’t have agreed to the ceaserean session. It was because I lost my second child during delivery at Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Katsina and had also injured my uterus, which gave need for the C-section. 

“This is my fourth year in Lagos, after we had relocated from Katsina state and the reason why I went to that hospital was because it was a faith-based hospital, and I thought I would be treated well and safe. 

 “I even saw it in my dream that I had twin boys, before I got pregnant with the babies, so I am sure my baby was stolen,” Faith said.

 The couple thereafter, reported the matter at the Force Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (FCIID) for justice, pleaded with the Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, and the Lahos state government to come to their aid, and unravel the mystery behind their missing baby. 

Denying the allegation, Dr. Uzoma, said the hospital carried out three scans on the distraught mother, with conflicting results, adding that clinically Faith had a big belly. 

 “The hospital worked based on the scan report, we prepared for the delivery of two babies. On the day of the cesarean session, we had seven doctors in the hospital including myself and the chief medical director who is an orthopedic surgeon. 

 “She was delivered of one baby and immediately, we brought her husband into the theater to see for himself while she was still open. 

Reacting to the allegation, Reverend Father Joe Ben said, he doesn’t know why the couple are bent on dragging the hospital down because of human error.