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Covid-19: I wish Adebutu no evil-Ogun LP Chairman

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The Ogun State Chairman of Labour Party,  Comrade Abayomi Arabambi  on Sunday said the call for  Hon Ladi Adebutu, a Chieftain of People's Democratic Party in Ogun State,  to avail the public of his health status was not to wish him evil, but to assist him to publicly confess in order to save others who might have had contacts with him. 

Arabambi in a release on Sunday said as a refined politician, his position in the field of political dispute is not a reason to wish a fellow player dead .

He noted that the clarification became imperative so as to set the records straight regarding his earlier claims that the Ogun PDP chieftain may have contracted the dreaded COVID19 disease and as such should come out openly to disclose his health status so as to protect his followers and other indigenes around him from further harm. 

The statement said "

My attention has been drawn  to a press statements by some  faceless PDP gangsters loyal to the Hon LADI ADEBUTU and perpetually suspended PDP Chairman Engr BAYO DAYO  

First , the statement convincingly failed to either confirm or deny the covid - 19 status of Hon Ladi Adebutu.

Again , the over - flogged unintelligent suspicions of me coming to be made the PDP State Chairman is daft.

Still , there is no one name claiming the responsibility of the press release.

 As a further and a better clarification on the widely and wildly circulating news that Hon Ladi Adebutu has tested positive to COVID-19. I wouldn't wish him dead as his enslaved morons keep wishing us .

This new press release has thus become unavoidable due to the very high number of calls and messages I have received over the first press release on this matter.

 it is worthy of note that another youths group independent of the nameless and faceless group that released the press statement I am here reacting to has  rubbished and blasted the audio of Bose Olunla who they even claim is not a member of their party. 

The youths group led by one Michael Agbara distance the PDP from the defamatory audio of  the gate crashing , unknown and very strange Olunla Bose  illegally parading herself as Abeokuta South Women Leader.

In view of this new development , it is clearer to the public that the body of scavengers who lumped together to release a worthless press statement are a bunch of political hatchet miscreants that are numerous in Hon. Ladi Adebutu's group.

 I am constrained albeit reluctantly to say that the press should be much more cautious in publishing press releases that are not from an identifiable legal or illegal persons.

My position in this field of political dispute is not a reason to wish a fellow player death . Very much far from such wicked and evil wish .

 My intention was to encourage Hon Ladi Adebutu to publicly confess that he has tested positive to the virus .

 This is to me very needful due to the number of staff , security escorts and the bought political morons milling around him for cheap hand -outs. If he quickly make breast of the truth , it will firmly and effectively reduce the chances of spreading the virus among them only to be further spread to other people through this large crowd he freely mixes with.

As a an elder , and a fellow political player , I consider it my elderly duty to advise against the possible reckless and dangerous hiding of such very dangerous status.

Everyone knows that testing positive to covid- 19 is not a death sentence and of course , even very much more important and powerful Government leaders have tested positive to which all of them publicly confessed , went into quarantine and got well after being cured. The point here is to reduce the spread of the virus.

In all of this one very risky and also dicy and dangerous status , it is better to put the record straight publicly to stem the various true and untrue public rumour that may cause too much fear and panic among all who are close to him, or had officially or socially been in contact with him.

 Personally , I wish him a very quick and complete recovery from the alleged Covid-19 virus.

 I don't , won't and shall never wish Hon Ladi Adebutu any harm   or any other fellow human being for any reason.

It is obvious that a lot of world leaders has tested positive, quarantined and got well. World leaders like the UK's Boris Johnson , Sophie Trudeau , wife of the Canadian Prime Minister. Australian Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton , UK's Minister of Mental Health Nadine Stories , Miami Mayor Francis Suarez , Vice President Eshaq Jahangir and Iranian Deputy Health Minister have also tested positive .

 Finally , our own Ozogula , the very same former Ogun State Commissioner for Sports tested positive to covid- 19 and he is today free of the virus.

 In conclusion , I wish to state very categorical that testing positive to the virus is not a death sentence and for me , it is not going to happen that I wish a fellow human being death for any reason. 

Unconfirmed sources and social media infomation even  claimed that Hon LADI ADEBUTU has opted to be treated in his father house in Lagos  which remains his right of decision  if truly the news is True . 

May God take charge