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Revealed! Real Reason Why Bayo Dayo, Ogun PDP Chairman was Suspended

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By Olubiyi Taiwo 

Facts have emerged on reasons why the embattled Chairman of Ogun State Chapter of People's Democratic Party, (PDP)  Engr Adebayo Dayo was suspended few days ago. 

Salient Times gathered that contrary to the claim of Engineer Bayo Dayo that he was rooting for the unity of the Party in the State,  it was gathered that the former PDP boss was actually hobnobbing with  Ladi Adebutu faction of the Party,  knowing fully well that his tenure  was about to expire.

In a revealing statements issued and personally signed by former Senator from Ogun West,  Senator Buruji Kashamu,  he accused Bayo Dayo of betraying the trust the Party had in him and also planning to sell the Party to Ladies Adebutu faction for a some of N100m. 

In a telephone interview,  Engr Bayo Dayo has vowed to conclude the reconciliation of the Kashamu group with the Adebutu group before he leaves office in about two months time,  Senator Kashamu accused him of trying to sell the Party to Adebutu as his parting gift.

In the statement titled Adebayo Dayo betrayed the Ogun State PDP Executive Committee for a mess of pottage, Senator Kashamu shed more lights into the financial misappropriation of former Ogun PDP boss

He accused him of playing to the gallery of his excuse of uniting the Party in the State. 

Read the full statement:

Engineer Adebayo Dayo vainly tries to impress on his paymasters, by his press conference, posts and comments, that he is in control of the Ogun State PDP Executive Committee, in order to receive the rest of the payment promised him for betraying his colleagues in the Ogun State PDP Executive Committee and his leaders in the state.

Let the paymasters know that their pieces of silver for this betrayal (just like those paid to Judas Iscariot) are wasted. They have only bought their defeat again.

We have the evidence of the meeting at Equity Hotel, Ijebu Ode, where Dayo collected money to sell the Ogun State structures of the PDP to Kessington Adebutu. What the Adebutus should realize is that they have been scammed, as Dayo has no power to transfer the structures of the Party to anyone.

This illegal transaction shows the low mentality of Dayo. Otherwise, how can anyone think that he can sell a political structure comprising many interests, major stakeholders for a mere 100 million naira?

No one is against the reconciliation of any aggrieved members but the question members of the Party continue to ask is: how Dayo could claim that he was trying to reconcile anyone when he did not have any meeting with any stakeholder or any of the Party Executive Committees at LGA or ward level and carried nobody in the State Eecutive Committee along before signing his contract with the Adebutus. What is more intriguing is: how would someone who calls himself PDP Chairman want to sell the party to people who still have a binding and subsisting three-year agreement with the Allied People's Movement (APM) in Ogun State. The agreement, which was publicly announced on the 7th of March, 2019. They have just done a year and the agreement will lapse in 2022. These elements have neither repudiated the agreement nor have they formally returned to the PDP.

The party structure, which he has betrayed, is the same one that has sustained him as party leader in the state for the last 10 years, first as Ogun East Senatorial District Chairman for two years and then as State Chairman for 8 years. 

He never personally paid any fees to the law firm that sustained him through the various litigations during those years and now two weeks before the expiration of his tenure he no longer wants the law firm. Having sustained him in office as Chairman for eight years, I did not need to bribe him with any amount to sign any document; his claim of being offered N10 million is meant to hype himself before his new paymasters. The Ward, Local Government and State Congresses were successfully held and concluded. Dayo himself wrote to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) confirming that the congresses were successfully held. And there are acknowledged correspondences to that effect. So, what is he talking about? 

On Samson Bamgbose, he and Dayo were elected into the State Exco on the 10th of May, 2016. His name is on No. 20 of the list of the Ogun State PDP Exco that got the judgment in Suit No. FHC/L/CS/636/2016. He was elected as the State Assistant Auditor. On the 26th of September, 2018, Bamgbose was appointed as the State Deputy Chairman. The letter of appointment was issued and signed by the former State Secretary, Semiu Sodipo. Even as recent as the 3rd of March, 2020, Dayo wrote the Ogun State PDP counsel a letter wherein he listed the same Bamgbose in number two as the Deputy Chairman after his (Dayo's) name and signature as number one. 

Eight years ago when Dayo became State Chairman, he only had one uncompleted building in Ijebu Igbo. Today, through the position of State Chairman, God has blessed him with about 6 houses in Ogun State and Ibadan with about six vehicles and many plots of land.

Dayo has proven time and again that his greed can never be satisfied. He used the chairmanship position to enrich himself and his family. In 2015, he embezzled about N50 million campaign funds, just as he got he got a plot of land in Abuja as Chairman of the PDP in Ogun State which he sold for N25 million. He was meant to share the money with other Exco members and leaders. But, he didn't. He pocketed everything. Still in 2015, he misappropriated over N100 million; N50 million realized from the sale of nomination forms and another N50 million of campaign funds. Of the millions realized from the sale of nomination forms sold ahead of the 2019 election, about N60 million was misappropriated without recourse to the leaders, elders and other stakeholders. During the 2019 election, I personally paid him N40 million to be shared between him and the erstwhile State Secretary, Alhaji Semiu Sodipo. He took N25 million and gave N15 million to Sodipo.  Another sum of N34 million was facilitated for him through a kinsman, Mr. Teslim Giwa. He collected over N10 million from me for the just concluded Ward, Local Government and State Congresses in Ogun State without giving the delegates any money. For the past eight years, he got between N5 million and N10million monthly for the running of his office and the Party Secretariat where he inflated staff salaries and paid ghost or non-existent workers.These are a few of the many deals he struck while he held sway as the State PDP Chairman and yet his greedy nature won't leave him.

His son, who started his working life with me 10 years ago, is now a multi-millionaire with mansions in Ibadan and Ijebu, many plots of land, a farm and Petrol filling station in Ibadan.

Yet, Dayo thinks he can now sell everyone in Ogun PDP to the Adebutus. He is the greatest betrayer of all time. No right thinking person should have anything to do with him.

I wish to urge all members of the Party in Ogun State to be peaceful and calm, as Dayo has no hope of victory in his dastardly endeavour.

Members should be confident that the future of the Party in Ogun State is bright and all will be well.


Constitutionally, the suspension of Adebayo Dayo was very much in order as prescribed by Article 57(3) of the PDP constitution.

This provision empowers the Ogun State Working Committee (OGSWC) of the PDP to suspend any member of the Party for a period not exceeding one month during which period such a member may be referred to the appropriate Disciplinary Committee.

The OGSWC did not entertain any motion to discipline Adebayo Dayo. It only considered a motion to lodge a complaint against him at the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the PDP, for his activities against the Ogun State Executive Committee (OGSWC) and the Party in Ogun State.

Once it was resolved to lodge a complaint at the NEC against Dayo for the question of his discipline to be entertained by the NEC of the Party, the members of the OGSWC further resolved that he should be suspended in the interim until the NEC decides whether or not to initiate the necessary disciplinary process against him.


Article 21(4) empowers two thirds (2/3) of the members of the OGSWC to call an extraordinary meeting and in this case the notice of the meeting was signed by 11 out of the 14 members of the OGSWC.

Article 21(5) further prescribes that the quorum for meetings of the OGSWC of the PDP shall be 1/3 of the members of the OGSWC. In this case, 11 out of the 14 members of the OGSWC attended the meeting and voted in favour of the resolution to suspend Engr. Adebayo Dayo.

The same Article 21(5) prescribes that a simple majority of the members present at the meeting shall pass “any motion”.

The motion to suspend Engr. Adebayo Dayo was unanimously passed by all the members present at the meeting.


Contrary to Engr. Adebayo Dayo’s argument, there is no encumbrance whatsoever on the capacity of the OGSWC to pass a motion to suspend him from his position as State Chairman. 

This was not a meeting of the Ogun State Executive Committee of the PDP to determine whether to refer Dayo to a state disciplinary committee of the Party as forbidden by Article 59(3) of the PDP Constitution.

 It was a duly convened extraordinary meeting of the OGSWC of the PDP to discuss the Party’s activities and it was at that meeting that the decision was taken that the OGSWC be a complainant to the NEC of the Party, against Dayo, which may then refer the matter to the appropriate disciplinary committee at the National level.


It is quite unreasonable for anyone to expect that after the acts of betrayal by Dayo, we should continue with him as Chairman, when the Ogun State chapter of the Party has the power to suspend him to give him the opportunity to defend himself against the complaint of our State Working Committee lodged against him at the NEC of the PDP.

Dated the 14th day of April, 2020.