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Stallion motors electric cars to cost N316 when fully charged

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Stallion Motors, Nigeria’s leading auto assemblers and a franchise of nine global brands, has disclosed that Nigeria’s first electric car, Hyundai–Kona,  expected from its auto plant before the end of 2020 will cost N316 for it to be fully charge. 

It is expected that the car will hit the Nigerian market before the end of 2020.

 The car is set to come with five years of battery warranty and five years of vehicle warranty with a driving range of 482 kilometres and an acceleration of 0-100kms in 9.7 seconds. 

According to General Manager, Marketing, Stallion Group, Arpita Luthra, the technology is a customer-friendly car that can easily be charged by plugging into an electrical socket at home or at work. 

Luthra added that when Hyundai Kona goes on sale in Nigeria, its owner would incur only N316 to get a full charge if the car is plugged onto public power supply. 

“Not being dissuaded by the nation’s infrastructural challenges, one of our plans for this year is to introduce into the country Electric Vehicle (EV) and, in no distant future, embark on attitude change campaign for a clean environment in conjugation with Hyundai,” 

CEO of Stallion Group  Anant Badjatya had earlier stated On the dangers caused by climate change, Badjatya explained that the changes in global temperature and weather patterns experienced today are caused by human activities, concerned that they are happening much faster than the natural climate variations of the past. 

The Stallion Motors initiative, it was learnt, is in recognition of the need to ensure that Nigeria becomes part of the global trend where industries are switching from internal combustion engines to sustainable means of doing business and embracing technology with less environmental impact.