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Why We Were Called ” Ashawo” –Women

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Nigerian social media female users have recounted how they have been labelled an “ashawo” for the most ridiculous reasons.

A Twitter user, Fat Belly ‘Nenye, started the game, asking ladies to recount the times they have been labelled prostitutes.

She tweeted: “Let’s play a game ladies.
Tell us all the times you’ve been called ‘Ashawo’, ‘Olosho’ , ‘Prostitute’.

Recounting her experience, Nenye wrote: “I was called ‘ashawo’ by an Uber driver because I told him not to take a certain route.

“I’ve been called ashawo by an Okada man because he stopped in front of me and I told him I wasn’t going.

“I was called ashawo because my period stained me.”

Ashawo, which means prostitute, is a loosely used derogatory word in the Nigerian society. It is mostly used by both men and women during verbal altercations.