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Covid-19: Why Ogun Extended Lockdown for another week

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Ogun State governor Prince Dapo Abiodun on Friday said it is extending the ongoing total lockdown in the State for another one week because of the value the government have for human life

Abiodun who revealed this while briefing newsmen on the activities of the state to curb further spread of covid-19 pandemic said he decided to extend the lockdown because of the belief that human lives is more sacred than economic well-being.

The Governor who addressed the press at his Oke mosan office opined that the entire people of Ogun State, have not elected him to make easy decisions. And tough decisions, "we have to make. Now, to preserve the lives of our people, we are persuaded to extend the current modified lockdown, which has been slightly eased, for another one week alongside the current guidelines".

The Governor promised that the lockdown will be reviewed, as usual, on a weekly basis.

"Windows of relaxation will continue to be available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 7.00am to 5.00pm on each day of the window of relaxation".

"The daily curfew and ban on non-essential of inter-State travel as directed by Mr. President still stand".

"Wearing of a face mask is mandatory.

Prince Dapo said the government will "continue to provide, facemasks to public servants, groups and associations.

"However, government alone cannot provide facemasks to all. Individuals that have a need to go out have personal responsibility to procure and use facemasks in public, as the enforcement will continue to be strengthened with full weight of law meted out to violators.

"All other physical distancing measures as announced last week remain in in force.

The governor who lamented that "In the last four months, humanity has lost close to 300,000 lives to an enemy which carries no physical weapon. We have all seen that this enemy has no interest in bounties of war. The only interest of this enemy of humanity seems to have is to turn children into orphans; turn women into widows; turn men into widowers; and make parents, childless.

"Presently, our common humanity is still battling to save the lives of almost 4million people. I pray this people receive the same grace and mercy of the over 1million that have recovered from COVID-19".

"In our dear Ogun State, we thank God that that we have continued to receive His grace. But the fact is that we are recording an astronomical increase in the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19.

"A number which was single digit for almost three weeks before the lockdown, has suddenly jumped to 3- digits within days, even with the lockdown and the window for relaxation. In the last one week, the number of confirmed cases in our dear Ogun State has risen to more than double.

"As at Thursday, 7th May, 2020, we had 100 confirmed cases of Covid- 19 in Ogun State. 20 of them have been discharged to re-join their respective families and restart normal life. Unfortunately, we have recorded a total of 2 deaths. This leaves us with 78 active cases who are currently receiving efficient treatment at our treatment centers. As usual, we hope and pray that they will also be discharged in due course.

Prince Dapo Abiodun then urged the people to adhere to all safety measures saying, "while I am not a prophet of doom, I will rather err on the side of responsibility.

"Reports reaching us have shown that many of our people are showing utter disregard for the precautionary guidelines, international best practices and safety measures rolled out, especially, during the window of relaxation of the lockdown. We have heard and seen the havoc that COVID-19 continues to wreck in other lands".