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Gen Diya loses wife

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Nigeria's former Chief of General Staff Gen. Oladipo Diya had lost his junior wife.

According to a press release from the family, and a copy which was sent to Salient Times by the special Adviser (Media and Strategy),Gen. Oladipo Diya, Olawale Adekoya said the deceased Chief Mrs Deborah Folashade Diya (JP) was the second wife of the former number two citizen during the late Gen Sanni Abacha'regime.

The release said contrary to some misleading social media stories, Mrs Josephine Diya, the first wife of Gen Diya is alive hale and hearty.

Though the release did not reveal the cause of her death, but according to Adekoya,  Otunba (Chief) Mrs Deborah Folashade Diya (JP), died on Monday barely few days to her 66th birthday.

"Madam Deborah Folashade Diya was preparing and looking forward to her 66th birthday celebration on May 23rd 2020 (this week). But as man proposes, God disposes; six days ago, she took ill and was taken to the hospital, where she took her last breath on Monday May 18."

'Otunba Folashade Deborah Diya dedicated her life to the emancipation of humanity and service of the Almighty God."

"She was a devouted Christian, a loyal and dedicated wife, a loving mother, an alluring grandmother and a passionate chorister at United African Methodist (Evangelical) Church, Abule Ijesha, Yaba, Lagos.

 She was a chorister who sang and danced for the Lord all the way.

"Fondly called Mumsie, Chief (Mrs)  D.F. Diya was a model of love, compassion and generosity until her very last moments. Her mission was one that made a great difference in the lives of many people. 

"She was a silent operator who always made things work out positively: disciplined, focussed and straight forward. 

"In spite of her privileged position as the wife of a former Military Vice President in the country, she didn't live the life of celebrity or ostentation. Rather, she adopted a humble life of dedication to God, her family and service to humanity- hence her departure touched many.

"She left like she lived: gently, making sure she had said goodbye in one way or the other. Mumsie spent her whole life helping others. She was always there for those who were in need—whether they needed to take shelter in her home or simply wanted a listening ear without judging, condemning, or prejudging.

"She was a reassuring presence for all the  children- biological or non biological- there were no discriminations.

"She took great care of her dear husband,  friends, church members, members of staff, neighbours, and the whole family.
Her mission was a great one: she taught others around her the importance of loving.

"Thinking of Mumsie automatically brings a smile to the lips of those who knew her or heard about her because she loved and gave of herself.

"She always had a  grin and a warm smile. Thank you, dear Mumsie, for the great privilege of having known you. Mama lived for 66 years as if it was 166 years. 

"We know that she is still here among us. We thank her for reminding us that the present moment is precious, and that we should make the most of it by loving fully and generously.

"She catered for the aged; empowered the young, among many other philanthropic gestures. As a community leader   she played her role diligently.

"History, prosperity, posterity and the people she served will definitely not forget her .

"Spread your wings and fly proudly: you have earned it!

"She is survived by her husband, children, grand children and relatives".