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How lawmaker who lived in mud house built bungalow for widows

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…Says Gov’s wife motivates him

It was Awdhesh Singh who said: “It is not bad to be selfish as your first responsibility is to take care of yourself. Only when you are satisfied and happy, you can make others happy and become selfless”.

The above statement was proven wrong as Anambra State lawmaker, Nonso Smart Okafor, representing Nnewi North Constituency, finally broke the jinx.

Recently, the lawmaker commenced and completed a 3-bedroom bungalow at Okpuno, Nnewichi, Nnewi and handed the key over to three childless ageing widows who were living in terrible conditions, in a dilapidated mud house for years.

The three women were married to the same husband who is late and had no children, while the oldest who was in her seventies or eighties was blind and sick.

Their dilapidated mud house was not so different from living outside, as it was riddled with gaping holes which cannot prevent cold, mosquitoes, or worst-case scenario snake attacks.

It was gathered that each time it rained, they suffered severe cold as major parts of the zinc covering the thatched house were leaking, coupled with the fact that some parts of the mud house were already falling, posing a death trap to them as it could collapse at anytime.

The Lawmaker, who moved with passion, intervened and transformed the mud house into a modern bungalow and furnished it to standard.

The bungalow has a sitting room with a set cushion chairs, side stools and centre table. It also has a flat-screen LED TV and GOtv with one-year full subscription and also a well-decorated curtain.

Each of the three rooms is furnished with a wardrobe, bed, mattress, beddings and curtains. Both the kitchen which is also furnished, the toilet and bath are all in line with every sense of modernity. This is to ensure that these women have the needed relaxation they require.

“It was heartbreaking that these women in their age who deserve to be tended like babies live in penury in a house that cannot guarantee good sleep.

“In furtherance to my vow to better the welfare of my constituents, I decided to build a modern house for the three (3) widows, a house that will not only give them basic shelter but also a sense of belonging,” the lawmaker stated.

On the contrary, many did not know that Hon Nonso Okafor, a poor fatherless young man whose widowed mother fried and sold bean cake (akara) once lived in a mud house.

His mother stopped frying akara when he graduated and since then had been taken good care of his mother, geared towards wiping away her sufferings.

Speaking further on what motivated him, Nonso Okafor, who is also the Chairman, House Committee on Children Affairs and Social Welfare, revealed he was encouraged by the magnanimity of the wife of Anambra State Governor, Mrs. Ebelechukwu Obiano.

He disclosed that Mrs. Obiano had touched many lives and had donated over 28 houses to widows.

“I like to light up someone’s life, that is my joy and passion. I did not come from a rich house. Our mud house then never had light and we were using lantern (mkpanaka). So I know how the poor feels.

“I don’t like how the poor are treated in a function, especially in a rich man’s function. The rich people will serve delicious meals to their fellow rich men, serve them with Champaign, while nothing will be given to the poor. They should allow the poor enjoy at that moment, as it will be a memorable experience for them.

“If I have my way, I will make sure there is no mud house in my constituency. I will inaugurate Operation phase-out mud house. Our people should not live in abject poverty, we should join hands in improving the living standard of our brothers.

“From research, Anambra is above poverty index, so there is no reason we should allow our neighbours to remain poor. We should endeavour to improve their living conditions because it has impact psychologically.

“This can be achieved if all hands are on the desk. It is a collaborative efforts. One can decide to donate one trip of sand, others can decide to donate cement or stone and so on, by the time you know it, the house is set,” Nonso Okafor advised.

He further admonished young people to remain steadfast and dedicated in their works, as God would one day transform their situation.