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How a reporter's question generated negative reactions from Gov. Bala of Bauchi state

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Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi state has threatened to excommunicate the state correspondent of Daily Trust for asking questions considered embarrassing to him during a media chat organized to mark his first year anniversary in office.

Governor Bala had in a joyful mood finished the presentation of his speech and an opportunity was created for journalists to ask questions.

Trouble started when Hassan Ibrahim, the Bauchi state correspondent of Daily Trust Newspapers raised two questions that elicited anger from the governor, who while responding, threatened to excommunicate him from the state.

He accused the journalist of treachery and mischief, asking whether he is working for the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC).

The reporter had questioned the governor on allegations made by the APC that the governor has strangulated the state House of Sssembly and that he has also disregarded due process in the award of contracts.

He had also sought the governor to clear the air on another allegation made by the APC that Bauchi state is being run by three cabals.

Apparently disturbed, Governor Bala while answering the questions said: “Daily Trust, you’re very mischievous with these your questions; your treachery and mischief has reached a level where I would tell you that, you didn’t bring us here. You’re fond of this.”

The governor who asked Hassan, if he was the only journalist in the state, noted that he was also was once a journalist.

‘’There was a time you reported that we abandoned an old man who was ill in Alkaleri Local Government Area, my own village. You always look for the negative things to say about this state. Try to be positive for God’s sake,” he said.

Governor Balaz who pointed out that there are different ways of procurement, noted that his administration had followed due process in the award of contracts.

“You also talked of cabals, which cabal? It is you that insulted me in my one year anniversary that should tell me who is the cabal, I don’t have any cabal in my government,” the governor retorted.

The one year anniversary media chat that drew reporters from across the state, veterans in the pen profession and some members of the governor’s cabinet, took place on Saturday at the Command Guest Inn, Bauchi.

The governor also accused the reporter of always making sure he is in conflict with the state assembly, asserting that “you are APC sponsored, that’s why you are doing what you’re doing. The majority of the house is APC, so how will I strangulate them?”

Bala said that the people of Bauchi have rejected former Governor Abubakar and accused the reporter of working to bring him back.

The governor said: “Please don’t sensationalise things, don’t create conflict where it does not exist. Please, if you are being sponsored, I will ex-communicate you from this state ".