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Meet Nigerian Woman Who Turned Pure Water Waste Into Interlocking Tiles

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Meet Bashir Kurfi a mother of three and her passion is to turn pure water waste into interlocking tiles.

She says she started turning plastic waste to tiles when she discovered how these pure water sachets littered every street of Abuja making the city dirty and also playing a major role in the cause of flood during the rainy season.

When I started out this journey, many people laughed at me while I was collecting the waste all around Abuja.

Abuja residents generate close to eight thousand tones of waste every day.

And because of the poor waste management system for the capital city plus the villages, some of the waste ends up in the gutters and on the roadside causing flood. Last year recorded some casualties and victims of flood in FCT.

And 29-year old Intissar Bashir is changing this waste disposal culture she gathers these pure water nylon bags littered in the streets and converts them to interlocking tiles.

She has also devised several collection methods across schools and also figured out ways to give back to the society by providing solar-powered lighting systems for these schools to help students study at night.

She also expressed her satisfaction on how strong and durable these interlocking tiles were stating that her pure water nylon made tiles were stronger than the usual tiles in the market.

Source: Infotrust