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Premier League to restart June 1

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The UK Government has announced sporting events will be allowed to resume behind closed doors on 1 June 2020. 

The Government’s decision follows after the Premier League had marked 12 June for a restart, though it is subject to safety conditions being met and the coronavirus health crisis clearing.

“Sporting events can return behind closed doors from June but fans are unlikely to be allowed in until “significantly later”, the Government has announced. 

“These will give the green light for professional sports to return next month, including the Premier League’s planned resumption on June 12, subject to safety conditions being met and coronavirus infection rates not rising,” added publication. 

Should the Premier League resume exactly where the suspension had began before the weekend of 14 March, the following are likely to be the resumption fixtures on the weekend of 12 June 


Watford vs Leicester 

Bournemouth vs Palace 

Brighton vs Arsenal 

Man City vs Burnley 

Newcastle vs Sheffield United

Norwich vs Southampton 

Aston Villa vs Chelsea 

West Ham vs Wolves 

Tottenham vs Man 

United Everton vs Liverpool.