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Stop meddling in the internal affairs of other political parties, CNPP warns political parties

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The Conference Of Nigeria Political Parties (CNPP) has warned Politicians and Parties to stop interfering in the internal issues of other political parties.

CNPP a conglomerate of 19 political parties which is represented by Party chairmen, Secretaries and any other member of a  political party said this in a statement it issued to react to the statement credited to the Olaposi Oginni led League of Registered Political Party, on the Peoples Democratic Party crisis.

The CNPP in the statement issued by Otunba Femi Sholuade and signed by 18 others warned Oginni and others to stop heating up of "our body  polity and meddling in the internal affairs of political parties where they do not have a stake' .

"It is of note that their sorjourn into APC  prompted and misled a young promising  commissioner, to mishandle an unsolicited wishy-washy fraudulent award giving charade, with flustered speech that eventually  earned the innocent commissioner, a suspension from office".

'The latest misadventure in dabbling into PDP intraparty affairs is unbecoming again of their beggarly insensitive and nocturnal agenda of available evil hands synonymous with their stock-in-trade as a bearer of evil merchandise" .

"We advise though, unsolicited, that this errant septuagenarian who should know better if there is anything left of his tattered integrity, to   avoid journey to Perdition, scripted and anchored by morally-bankrupt Political loafers, to run with his hind-legs with his tail in-between; to make restitution with his benefactor, Distinguish Senator Buruji Kasamu, before he is left stranded like a used and packed Political Caterpillar, viewed as a political conman, a sellout leper, to be avoided like a forbidden fruit which is found too sower to savour".

"Finally, we are in support of  Ogun IPAC as a general body for all the political parties, association and groups; ably led by a resourceful gentleman  Chairman Asiwaju Abdul-Lateef Adedamola Adesina, in whom a vote of confidence was passed durring our meeting.

"A man who is obsessed with giant strides of our amiable governor with passion to lead IPAC to partner with the administration of our pragmatic and indefatigable Dr, Dapo Abiodun as he steadily propel all-round visible  developments across Ogun State to a desired El-dorado of our dream.


Otunba Femi Sholuade

 BNPP Comrade Olufemi  Olusegun , 
FJP Dr Okunoye Taiwo,
 YDP Abioro Itunu,
PDC  Mrs Rasheed Bolanle Asake, CFC Adebisi Samuel Adegboyega, ZLP Boyede Ijaduoye, 
WTPN Isaac Olamosu, 
Accord Prince Wale Adebisi, 
AD Prince Adedayo Adesina, 
DPP Bolaji Sunday Ilori, 
PDP Sukanmi Oyejide Suco, .
Green Party Mrs Dolapo Adegbesan, 

APN Dr B.J Olowo, 
ASD Prince Adeyemi Adeyinka, 
AAP Asimiyu Azeez Arisekola, GDPN Obasanjo Obasesan, 
UPP Oshoko Solomon, and
People Trust Otunba Owolabi Odebudo.