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D’banj alleged rape accuser speaks on intimidation, arrest

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By Our Correspondent

A young lady, Seyitan Babtayo, who said she was allegedly raped by popular musician, Oladapo Daniel, alias D’banj in 2018, has formally lodged a complaint at the gender desk of the Lagos state Police Command. 

Seyitan in a statement on Wednesday disclosed that she remains undeterred even though D’banj and his crew have continued to intimidate and coerce her since she summoned courage to speak of her horrific experience. 

Recall that in the wake of social media campaign to end rape, Seyitan had come out alleging that she was raped by the artiste on December 30, 2018.

She claimed D’banji had sneaked into her hotel room at past midnight, while she was asleep, violated and raped me.

Seyitan also alleged that a policeman at Bar Beach Police Station, acting on D’banj’s orders had also ignored her initial report of the sexual harassment.

She further stated that she was also arrested by four policemen from the Inspector-General of Police Intelligence Response Team (IRT), at Harold Shodipo, Lagos, where she spent almost two days in detention and was treated like a common criminal. 

The statement reads in part: “On June 22, I, Ms. Seyitan Babatayo formally made a criminal complaint of rape by Mr. Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo popularly known as D’banj at the gender desk of the Lagos state Police Command headquarters, Ikeja Lagos.

“This comes after trying unsuccessfully in the past to give a detailed account of my experience at the Bar Beach Police Station, Victoria Island on June 6. That attempt was thwarted by an officer of the law at the said police barracks.

“Unfortunately, my experience is not an exception, but rather the norm where survivors of rape and sexual violence or their families who attempt to report such incidents are often met with frustrating processes, and also sometimes threatened by the alleged perpetrator with sufficient backing from the police and a good number of members of the society; sometimes, even by their own family members.

“Luckily for me, I have the enormous and unwavering support of my family, especially my mother. Her strength and support is one of the few things that have kept me going.

“However, I must admit that it has been an exasperating couple of weeks for me. From June 3, when I first came forward to tell my story and speak my truth on Twitter, I cannot say I was surprised by the public backlash and media trial that ensued. But, I can certainly say, the lack of surprise did not lessen the subsequent pain or hurt that I felt.

“My story is one I have carried around for almost two years, but in the words of Timi Dakolo, when you finally decide, it will amaze you where the needed strength will come from.

“On June 16, almost two weeks after going public with my story, I was arrested by four armed police officers, who under the pretence of delivery agents, gained entry into my home. I was then taken to IGP IRT office in Harold Shodipo, Ikeja and detained in a cell like a criminal.

“I spent almost 48 hours at the police station without being charged for a single crime. When I requested to know the reason for the detention, the police refused to answer, but they continued to treat me like a criminal.

“I was locked up in a cell with criminals who have broken the law. I had never stolen or committed a crime in my life, yet there I was with others who had broken the law. What was my offence?  My own offence was daring to speak up.

 “I was violated by D’banj; that unwarranted and violent experience has never left me. It has stayed with me for a very long time. I demanded an apology then and still demand it now! With various efforts, I was released from custody after being made to sign a gag order by the police and D’banj’s team not to post on social media unless approved by D’banj’s team.

“I spent the night in a location of Dbanj’s team’s choosing, which was not made known to the public.”

While maintaining that no rape survivor deserves to be treated the way she was treated, Seyitan said D’banj and his team have infringed on her human rights by their many acts of brutality towards her.