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Nigeria needs a visionary, detribalised leaders- BNPP

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The Leader and Founder of Better Nigeria For Better People (BN4BP) Chief. CBN Onwuasoanya AKA Ezendigbo has said that Nigeria needs a visionary, selfless, vibrant and detribalized leader to take them to the promise land.

Onwuasoanya made this known in a statement signed and made available to a media consultant, Mr. Adeniyi Akinbobola through his National Coordinator (BN4BP), Mr. Sani Saeed Altukry in Abuja.

He said according to a legendary Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Juan Yew who once told one of his Nigerian admirer that "The secret of his country's historic transformation from obscurity to the industrial frontline was doing the ordinary things rightly and consistently"

Onwuasoanya said majority of people living in major towns and cities in Nigeria today are complaining about the harsh conditions of living as well as the insecurity situation across the country, adding that many citizens in Nigeria are expecting a quick turnaround from a visionary and detribalized leaders which is yet to come on board and things are getting more harder.

He said the Nigeria of his dream would be where women and under age children are free to move around without been raped, where Children are giving there due constitutional respect, where able-bodied men gets a nice jobs without roaming the street, a Nigeria where our express way is free of kidnappers, herdsmen and hoodlums, where our uniform men will respect the dignity of the profession, where an ordinary paper seller, public transporters will at the end of the days job would feels fulfilled.

While assuring Nigerians a good and forward looking leadership with  sense of dignity, tolerance and a detribalized personality, Chief Onwuasoanya said as 2023 approaches, the one question on every Nigerian lips is where we shop for that elusive leader most uncommon, a leader we can trust, a leader with a track record in transparent and honesty, a leader dyed in integrity and self-discipline who can lead Nigerians into doing the ordinary things correctly as well as  rewrite the national development storyline, saying that that leader is no other person than Chief CBN Onwuasoanya AKA Ezendigbo a detribalized, patriotic Nigerian based in the UK whose concerns for the future of our unborn generation made him developed a blueprint on how to save the Nigerian Ship from hitting the rock. 

Urgings Nigerians to choose the man, Chief Onwuasoanya who isn't a president of any region of the country but had a towering political profile, derives more from his democratic credentials and personal integrity,  a new breed political actor with a different approach and absence of feverish opposition, Onwuasoanya said the kind of leader we need today in Nigeria should be that, that  is accepted across the Nigerian divide, the man who has received various honoures by esteemed high profile organization and traditional leaders, An articulate and consummate public speaker, a toast of academic and intellectual audiences in Nigeria and abroad in which Nigerians in the Diaspora cannot get enough of his sound bite in lecture circuits all over Europe and America in his years of service to humanity, Chief CBN Onwuasoanya Ezendigbo has proved he is the man to lead Nigeria.