Ogun PDP Crisis: Be a father figure to all, party chieftain advises Kashamu - SALIENT TIMES ONLINE

Ogun PDP Crisis: Be a father figure to all, party chieftain advises Kashamu

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Olubiyi Taiwo, Abeokuta

A chieftain of the People's Democratic Party, PDP and former spokesperson, Atiku campaign organisation, Chief Segun Sowunmi has called on feuding parties in the Ogun State chapter of PDP to sheath their sword and embrace peace, adding that the crisis may have its toll on the fortune of the party come 2023.

Sowunmi who spoke to Journalists in Abeokuta on the crisis rocking the party in the gateway state, said the mudslinging and bickering between Senator Buruji Kashamu group and Bayo Dayo and Hon Ladi Adebutu group is unnecessary as the claims of the gladiators was meant to reposition the party towards 2023 general elections.

"PDP in Ogun state now is in a mess, there is a need for politicians in Ogun PDP to change their orientation, we are making politics too toxic, for decent people to participate".

"For me, if intention is to serve  and do well for the people, those fighting themselves, need not engage in pull him down syndrome, the question is with all their fighting, will they remove each other from the State?"

"Without going into the merit of each of their arguments, if Bayo Dayo completes eight years as Chairman, and all through his term, he was permanently at loggerhead with the national, and that struggle,  led to many court cases, many were killed, they deployed a lot of arsenal, and Buruji was the backbone in all these struggles".

"And at the expiration of his tenure, he 'repented' like biblical Saul, turning to Paul, when he now wants to move from Buruji camp to probably to the side of national, or Adebutu side of the table".

"I would have thought that one of the first thing that he will do or tell us is that, they have shared so many secrets among themselves, and therefore, they should think of their individual families, children, relatives, association, wives and even the greater Ogun and PDP, they should not now turn to a public embarrassment by washing their dirty linens in the public". 

Sowunmi added that what is  happening between Kashamu and Bayo Dayo "is normal. Even in marriages, divorces take place, people fight; a lot of changes happen; people get frustrated with people and leave themselves for some times or forever, but in all these things, they should remember that there is enough tar to splash on both of them. 

"To save the Party and themselves from public embarrassment they put themselves into, they should tread softly". 

"I will just call on Senator Kashamu to understand that Buruji Kashamu that came into Ogun political space in 2009, is not the distinguished former senator of Federal republic of Nigeria, that has gone to chamber of the Senate and return, in 2019".

"There is something we called a role of honour, of people in a country. When a researcher, either from America or Europe want to research into the who is who in Nigeria, do you know that he will look at the names of former leaders, he would look into the lists of former senators, former Governors. 

" Kashamu's name will appear in that list as a former Senator, therefore, he cannot afford not to be mindful of that in his utterances, actions and in his mode of engagements'.

"May be the name Buruji Kashamu was not an asset in 2009 or thereabout, but that name ought to be an asset to his children and grandchildren in the future, now that he has gone to the Senate and returned".

"What will they now be finding on the pages of newspaper, on the internet? He should elevate himself and instruct that all his followers to cease fire. This public ranting, social media things should cease immediately".

"Is Bayo Dayo a former Senator. It is Kashamu a former Senator that is well known, It is Kashamu that is the colleagues of people that went to the senate". 

"He is a colleagues of Okunrounmu, Kaka, Tinubu, he is a colleague of anybody that might have gone to the Senate like David Mark and others. "That is the consequences of been elected  a distinguished Senator".

"There is a tendency for everybody to think that he is right, there