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Pelican Valley: A vision with precision delivery, a narrative from an insider

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By Somide Samuel
My journey into the world of Real Estate begins few years ago, precisely two years ago. I was just a fresh graduate with zeal to do exploit. I walked down to Mr Adeyemo Babatunde  popularly called “Pelican”  and that single decision changed my life.

In this few years, He has taken me on a voyage into what real estate is all about and what I am about to share with you is my personal experience with him.

Pelican Valley Estate to Mr Adeyemo isn’t just an estate, but a vision and a dream to him. He has invested time, money and effort over and over again for the past Eight years. I wasn’t there when those wonderful terraced was designed, but with time I discovered it took over three years to achieve that unique landscape. 

He personally supervises those activities every single day. Bringing in different expertise from different range of field, from doing a feasibility study, soil test, getting Global Certificate of Occupancy and working daily with designated engineers and ministry of lands to make sure Pelican Valley estate is birthed. 

Having spent time and resources in achieving those landscapes, he took time to personally plan the whole estate layout, as he personally supervised the implementation of every plan.

On joining his team, he never hide anything from me and he is the most straightforward person I ever meet, he never compromise and he always seems to know what he want. He goes to Pelican Valley Estate (Site) every single day, Even when it is not comfortable to make sure all things are rightly done. He spends money and valuable time in putting everything in place and he won’t even settle for less, because he always wants every single touch at pelican to be perfect.

My first week at work, been so na├»ve and eager to work, I overheard him making a call to a particular firm to hire a pay loader to help him re-establish a road that lead to a particular plot and do some other thing, And they were charging Ninety Thousand Naira. I was surprised and angry at same time that I ask him sir, why will we have to spend this much just to reestablish a road, can’t the buyer do that itself. That much sir, I said (He has a good Listening skill). 

With a smile, he said no amount is too much to add value to a plot, and its our duty, so why must we neglect it? The response was Apt and precise and I watch the pay loader do the work the following day.

Every single day he keeps adding value to the Estate. 

On this particular day, he called me and told me to meet him in a place where they sell building materials. On getting down there, we brought some iron rods worthy over two hundred thousand, he then ask the site Supervisor to call those selling cement to supply us with over 80 bags. Standing in awe, I was wondering what project we are to work on this time, I quickly figure it out, probably he want to finish up his house, but I couldn’t figure out the use of the iron rod in a house that is already roofed. I kept the puzzle in my head as I make sure all the materials are delivered. 

On getting to site I met bricklayers ready for work. I went to one and ask him, what did Oga want to do with all this stuff. The bricklayer said they want to use it to construct the drainage that they are waiting for the guy digging to be done. Drainage! You mean the centralized drainage, that amazing. I watch him so close as he gave instruction to the man digging the drainage, telling him in details what he wanted him to do and how to go by it, Same with the bricklayer. He told them what to do and he watched them do it his own way. 

I walked down to him and said sir, but none of our customers has paid development levy, we haven’t even asked them in the first place sir. So why are we doing this? He,  said “I have chosen the part of hard work, consistency and patience. To me integrity and passion comes first” was his response.

I discovered, he is committed to given value to anything he is involved. He can give anything to make sure things work out and a dream chaser. So if you are buying Lands at pelican Valley Estate, you are buying value.

Mr Adeyemo is not just a dreamer but also an achiever. For the past few months, we have been working daily to do something big. He has always nurtures the desire to provide affordable lands to the low and middle class. And this take us on a journey to different places in Abeokuta, he wasn’t just interested in investing in any lands but he wanted a land that has prospect and most especially free from any form of government acquisition. 

He wanted something with close proximity to the railway terminal and not far from the central business district. Finding a place like this wasn’t really easy.

And that's what Pelican Brief really entails. 

I would have loved to tell you how we got this place, but trust me it wasn’t easy. It took time, effort and money to get a place that fit perfectly into his description of a place to call a home. 

Pelican Brief is the next big thing and by September, it would be unveiled. An extremely comparatively cheap land, with the visionary on the drive.

Get ready to join us in this great adventure.