I am no more interested in the throne, l Want To Go Back To School, Regent Cries Out To Akeredolu - SALIENT TIMES ONLINE

I am no more interested in the throne, l Want To Go Back To School, Regent Cries Out To Akeredolu

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By Tunde Adeola

Twenty-six-year-old regent of Ibule Soro in Akure South local government area of Ondo State, Princess Moyinoluwa Falowo, cried out that the delay in the selection of a new monarch has disrupted her academic pursuit.

It was learnt that seven princes have expressed interest in the throne and thereafter obtained forms since June last year.

The princes who is still single ascended the throne on March 29, 2019, after the monarch, Oba Joseph Falowo joined his ancestors same year.

Falowo has, therefore, appealed to the state government to expedite action in the selection process so that she should be able to face her studies.

She expressed concern over the delay in the selection process.

The regent said she became apprehensive when the August 20 date earlier fixed for the selection of the new monarch was suspended indefinitely without any cogent reason

Her curiosity was heightened when no explanation was given for the suspension of the selection process by either the kingmakers or the Ministry of Local government and Chieftaincy Affairs in the state. According to the Regent, “there are six kingmakers in the community, but only three are alive.

Initially, state government, through the Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, had approved that the three living kingmakers should go ahead and select the new monarch.

“Midway, the state government reversed itself and ordered that Warrant Chiefs should be selected from the families of the three kingmakers that are dead to join the other three existing kingmakers in the selection process.

“At the town meeting, it was revealed that two separate lists of Warrant Chiefs were sent to the Ministry. Reports had it that a lawmaker was responsible for the second list.

He was said to have swapped name of a Warrant Chief selected by the family with the name of a woman.

Sources said that when the family became aware of the double lists and what the lawmaker had done, the family insisted that the candidate they chose must be approved by the Ministry.

The Regent, however, said that the state Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Lola Fagbemi, had been assuring her but without any sign of progress.

Falawo has therefore appealed to Governor Rotimi Akeredolu to intervene in the situation. Contacted on the delay of selecting a new monarch, the commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Lola Fagbemi said that “The process of selecting the king is ongoing and waiting for the approval of the State Executive Council but the council has not met due to the political activities in town.

As soon as the council meets, the approval will come