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Woman, 22, Who Spent £75k On Plastic Surgery Says She's 'Too Hot To Work

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By Agnes Abubakir

A woman who has had a fascination with Barbie dolls all her life has spent over £75,000 on looking like the real thing and says she's 'too hot to work'.
Barbara Luna Sipos, from Budapest , Hungary, claims she was forced to quit her job when she was a teenager because men only became interested in one thing.

The 22-year-old says her infatuation with dolls started at a young age and her now ex-husband forked out thousands on 'dollifying' herself.

She said: "I always wanted to look like a fantasy character or a human doll.

"My first childhood memory is playing with Barbie dolls and I started my 'dollification' at the age of seventeen."

Looking back at her brief stint in the working world, Barbara says the men she worked with would sexualise her and so she had no option but to leave.

She said: "At age fifteen, I started to work as an assistant at an estate agents, but all my bosses and even the clients tried to be sexual with me even though I never behaved or dressed like a 'bimbo' then, it was my aura and charisma that made men crazy.

Barbara says she has always been fascinated by Barbie dolls. Credit: Media Drum World

"So I realised that this kind of work was not for me because I live in a society where a very attractive woman doesn't have many options to keep her job or gain a higher position without giving men sex - which I didn't want.

"It is because we still live in a patriarchal society, like it or not. I am all for feminism but very feminine girls like me shouldn't have to deal with men in the workplace.

"Men are driven by their sexuality and it's hard for them to be around a hot girl."

Aged 17, Barbara went under the knife for the first time, paying £10,810 for a breast augmentation.

And since then, she hasn't stopped, going back to her plastic surgeon for two rhinoplasties (£9,009), v-line chin and jaw reduction (£9,009), Barbie forehead surgery (£9,009), a browlift (£3,604), a lip lift (£1,802), lip filler treatments for (£4,505), a Brazilian butt lift (£5,406) and Barbie vagina surgery (£4,054) - all for a total cost of £75,227.

The 22-year-old went under the knife for the first time when she was just 17. Credit: Media Drum World

Barbara has since gone through a divorce and is on the look out for a 'forever husband'.

She said: "I am looking forward to meeting my forever husband and the most positive thing about my look is that the more dollier I look, the more men are interested in me and I have more opportunities.

"Men love my look. Some closed-minded men who aren't self-confident don't want to date me which is fine. I like open minded people and I like to impress them and show them that I am not just a brainless bimbo but it is hard for me to make people take me seriously."

But while some may see her as a 'bimbo', Barbara wants to show the world that she is more than just her looks.

She said: "The plastic bimbo doll look doesn't mean we are less intelligent and I wish to show the world that I am not naïve or dumb."

And she is keen to warn others thinking of following her footsteps to take care.

Adding: "Before any surgery, please do your own research, plastic surgery comes with so many risks. One of my friends was in coma and is suffering from severe brain damage, another friend of mine had blood poisoning.

"There are more bad doctors out there than good ones."