Scores dead, many injured as explosions rock Lebanon’s Beirut - SALIENT TIMES ONLINE

Scores dead, many injured as explosions rock Lebanon’s Beirut

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By Tola Adekunbi

Lebanon Capital, Beirut has witnessed multiple explosions on Tuesday, August 4 leaving many people injured and scores dead.

From findings from Twitter, the Salient Times reports that buildings several kilometers away suffered material damage and the explosions were heard over 20 kilometers north of Beirut.

It still remains unclear what caused the explosions.

Lebanon’s head of General Security Abbas Ibrahim told reporters that “highly explosive materials” which were confiscated “a while back” were stored at the site of the explosion, Al Arabiya news reports.

According to some eyewitness accounts, there were two separate explosions. The incident happened at an industrial port in Beirut, Lebanon, sending a huge mushroom cloud into the sky. Early reports suggest that the explosion came from a large fireworks warehouse.

Beirut Governor Marwan Abboud said firefighters were dispatched to put out a fire reported at the Port of Beirut.

“As they were putting out the fire, the explosion took place and we’ve [lost them],” Abboud said on live TV as broke down in tears.

Hundreds are feared injured and Reuters reported at least ten deaths.

Lebanon is currently going through an unprecedented financial and economic crisis and an international tribunal is expected to issue its verdict on the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri later this week. The Special Tribunal for Lebanon has already indicted and accused Hezbollah members of carrying out the assassination.

Reactions of this explosion have continued to trail the social media space.

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