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Why celebrity marriages don’t last – Oritsefemi

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By Agnes Abubakir

Nigerian artist Oritsefemi Ekele known as Oritsefemi, has revealed why many celebrities experience failed marriage.

According to the singer a married celebrity lifestyle show be different from a single celebrity lifestyle.

Oritsefemi revealed that what had work for him in his marriage till date was transparency, Salient Times gathered.

Speaking to Saturday Beats, the Double Wahala crooner, Oritsefemi said “People say celebrity marriages don’t last but a Yoruba adage says, ‘If you can recognise a person in the afternoon, you won’t light a lamp to glance at them again at night.’ This simply means that when a couple knows each other very well, there is nothing that will be strange between them. It also means that an outsider’s opinion will not be welcome.

“Communication is important between couples. There should be nothing that a man can’t discuss with his wife and vice versa. If a couple keeps many secrets, there will be trouble. They need to be natural and free with each other. For instance, I’m open to my wife and she knows me well.

“When you are still single, there are some things that you can get away with, but that cannot continue after marriage. There should be a huge difference between when a celebrity is married and when single. The lifestyle of a married celebrity should be different from the days he was unmarried.’’

Oritsefemi also spoke on his tattoos, saying the practice was an African culture and the signature of his music genre.

He said, “As an artiste, my tattoos are a signature of my music genre. Tattooing is African culture. In the olden days, we used to see tattoos on our parents’ bodies. The tattoos

“For me, I have tattoos because I’m an artiste. Some people say their tattoos mean different things but mine does not mean anything. It’s just to identify me as a hip-hop singer.”

The artiste stated that he had no intention of retiring from music, adding that he planned mentoring new artistes to achieve their potential.

He said, “I didn’t even know I was going to stay this long in the music industry. I only wanted to be the best and do what I know how to do best. I’ve been in the industry for 25 years. Music is in me. I bathe and sleep in it every day and I still realise that I have more to offer.

“I hope to continue to do my thing even when I get old. We have lots of legends who are still doing well. I’ve also decided to work on the younger ones by putting them on my imprint and also help those who don’t have a platform for exposure.’’