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Igbesa youths petition Abiodun over Obaship matter

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By Aremu Sosanya

A coalition of youths of the  Idejiyo Ruling House of Igbesaland, in Ado-Odo/Ota local government area of Ogun state have petitioned the Ogun State governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun to wade into the Obaship crisis in the town and stop the alleged desperation of some indigenes of the area to subvert due process in the installation of kingship stool of the town.

The youths about 30 in number who spoke through their counsel Casmier Friday Nwoye in a petition titled re: despiration by some unscrupulous elements to subvert due process and the rule of law in the kingship stool of Igbesaland, a plea for timely intervention, called on Gov Abiodun to wade into the obaship crisis in the ancient town and stop the installation of illegal Oba for the town.

"As you may be aware sir, the Obaship stool of Igbesaland became vacant, by reason of death of the then paramount king of Igbesaland, His Royal Majesty (HRM) Oba Olushola Banuso in 2015. 

"Since then, attempts and efforts have been made, albeit unsuccessfully at the installation of a new King for Igbesaland, owing to some imbroglios which have characterized the said Obaship stool from nomination of Ten (10) illegal warrant chiefs  by the then Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, instead of appointment of Three (3) Warrant Kingmakers to join the only surviving Kingmaker for the legal selection of a candidate to occupy the Obaship stool out of the Ten (10) nominated candidates contesting for the throne.

"It is the case of our clients, and in line with the Chieftaincy Declaration of Igbesaland, which was made on the 15th day of September 1955, approved on the 18th day of October 1956 and registered on the 24th day of April 1958, that from relatively recent antiquity, the Obaship stool of Igbesaland had been conscientiously and agreeably restricted to Three (3) Ruling Houses (RH) to wit; (a) Idejiyo Ruling House (b) Idorubu Rulling House (c) Iganla Ruling House. 

"Pursuant to the above, the Idejiyo Ruling house had a chance and indeed produced the King of Igbesaland, HRM Oba Saliu Dada Akinde between 1953-1955. Thereafter, it was the turn of the Idorubu Ruling House, which produced the next king of Igbesaland, HRM Oba Adeshola Benjamin between 1957-1985. Then came the turn of the Iganla Ruling House, which produced the last king of Igbesaland HRM Oba Olushola Banuso between 1986-2015. Rotationally, it is now the turn of the Idejiyo Rulling House at the kingship stool of Igbesaland, again.

"Part of the crux of this petition and appeal sir, is that whereas, the Idejiyo Rulling House is made of up three clans to wit; (i) Oyede (ii) Ogunya (iii) Dosumu from inception. The Saliu Dada (Akinde) Clan, joined the rulling Houses tactically to contest the stool in 1948 and became a recognized member of the Idejiyo Ruling House when enthroned as King in 153, thus increasing the clans to Four (4).

"In view of this, there was an unwritten but a common agreement that the four clans in the Idejiyo Rulling House take turns at the Obaship stool whenever it is the turn of the same at the Obaship stool of Igbesaland. 

"Thus, it was the Saliu Dada (Akinde) Clan that had the chance at the Obaship stool of Igbesaland when it was the last turn of the Idejiyo Rulling House in 1953.

"It is further the case of our clients sir, that the said Saliu Dada (Akinde) clan has perennially, ceaselessly and in a manner rather unfairly prejudicial, attempted to subjugate the other clans, thereby relegating them to royal insignificance and oblivion. This was first manifested in their unrepentantly recalcitrant nomination of candidates, including Prince Abdulazeez Oluwatoyin Akinde for the current vacant stool, against the agreement, wish and many pleas of the other clans. 

"Nevertheless, it is on record sir, that the resultant selection processes of the would-be candidate for the Igbesa Obaship stool, which were sequel to the already tainted (with inequity) nominations was eventually declared a nullity by a court Judgment, which was delivered by His Lordship, Hon Justice N.I Agbelu on  Wednesday, the 26th day of June, 2019. The said judgment was based on the illegal constitution of the warrant chiefs who had selected Prince Abdulazeez Oluwatoyin Akinde, in total disregard to the Chieftaincy Declaration of Igbesaland.   

"The Judgment also ordered a reconstitution of the Kingmakers for the purposes of re-selecting the Oba of Igbesaland, as the fruit of any bad tree can never be good. A copy of the said Judgment is herewith attached.

"In spite of the above court judgment, some unscrupulous elements in and around Igbesa, have kept on parading Prince Abdulazeez Oluwatoyin Akinde  as the Oba-elect for the Igbesa kingship stool. This attitude is not only capable of culminating in a situation which will engender a breakdown of law and order, but also amounts to a criminal contempt of a court of law. 

"This ugly and worrisome situation have been particularly accentuated and exacerbated by the fact that some elders in the society, who, ordinarily should know better, have thrown their weights behind these unscrupulous elements in the perpetuation of this injustices and flagrant disregard to the rule of law.

"To support this claim, our attention has been drawn to a publication in the Nation News Paper, Vol 13 No 5120 dated Friday, the 7th day of August 2020, in which the same said elders  are calling on your Excellency,  to approve the coronation of the illegal candidacy of the purported Oba-elect, Prince Abdulazeez Oluwatoyin Akinde.

"We most respectfully appeal to and urge you sir, to disregard this evil call in its entirety. 

"It is the definite instruction of our clients to appeal to your Excellency to use your good office to rescue them from the wicked attempts by Prince Abdulazeez Oluwatoyin Akinde and his cohorts to subjugate and render them irrelevant and useless in the scheme of royal relevance which is their ancestral birth right.

"We have the instruction of our clients, to specifically appeal to you sir, to order the following;
(a) A strict adherence to the rotational agreement of the clans within the Idejiyo Ruling House at the obaship stool of Igbesaland in their turn. As such, a fresh election should be ordered, to the exclusion of the Saliu Dada (Akinde) clan, in that they produced the Oba of Igbesaland in 1953 thereby allowing other clans of the Idejiyo Ruling House to take their chance at the obaship stool of Igbesaland. 

(b) A total compliance to the court Judgment, which was delivered by His Lordship, Hon Justice N.I Agbelu on  Wednesday, the 26th day of June 2019 in respect of the obaship stool of Igbesaland. As such, a fresh election should be ordered in line with the extant judgment.