No freedom for women, after all, "I paid her dowry hence I own her - Controversial Kenyan Twitter - SALIENT TIMES ONLINE

No freedom for women, after all, "I paid her dowry hence I own her - Controversial Kenyan Twitter

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By Agnes Abubakir

Captain Kale, an outspoken and popular Twitter personality, who is a household name in Kenya on Friday Septembrer 11, said that married women shouldn't be given freedom after marriage as according to him, if you pay her dowry, she becomes your property.

Kale stated this while reacting to a topic in which radio host, Maina Kagena asked women about the definition of freedom in marriage.


"Ladies, when you tell your husband you want freedom in your marriage/relationship, what do you mean" the topic reads.

Many gave their views on what defines freedom in marriage. One woman said: "It's freedom to be myself as long as I handle my duties as a wife and mother. Freedom to go out with my girlfriends, wear what I want and because he trusts me, I respect him"

Hillary said: "Marriage is actually a transmission from being alone to being with someone so any decision involves two parties you can’t just decide yourself to do your own. Freedom is allowed but it’s limited if you are a type of woman who wants it in plenty just be single you will have it limitless.period,"

"Dinah Kinyae: When I leave the house, he shouldn’t ask me where I’m going and when I come back, he shouldn’t ask me where I’m coming from. I’m a grown-up and know my limits dammit"

Douglas Adaka: "Ladies who demand freedom after dowry is paid are saboteurs and they should know that they are legally owned. Only those who dowry hasn’t been paid should demand freedom,"

Mike Nyingi: "You can’t be married and want to behave like you are single…. Once in a marriage, it’s no longer me or I… it’s us or we"

In his own reaction, Captain Kale  alluded giving freedom to women to handing a fully loaded gun to your enemy.

"When I married her, I paid for her, hence me owning her. She should do as I say. Even her going to say hi to her parents needs me to think about it," he tweeted.

"Women are irresponsible human beings and they need to be guided everytime. They can't function without someone being hard on them," 

"Giving women fredom is like giving a gun full of bullets to your enemy" Kale added.

Writing further, he said that a woman should not even visit her own parents without informing her husband 5 months in advance.