Those who dress seductively to church are hired assassins — Mike Bamiloye - SALIENT TIMES ONLINE

Those who dress seductively to church are hired assassins — Mike Bamiloye

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By Agnes Abubakir

The founder and president of Mount Zion Drama Ministry and Mount Zion Television, Pastor Mike Bamiloye, aired his opinion concerning dressing indecently to church. 
He opined in his 31 August Facebook post that ladies who dress seductively to the church are hired assassins who are on a mission to kill, according to Salient Times findings.

“You dress seductively to church. You decided to dress “to kill”. You dance suggestively to worship songs. You purposely dance “To slay”. And truthfully are you not a “hired assassin” in the church?”, he said.

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The cleric had previously said that God would have made COVID-19 non-communicable but he is answering the prayers and fasting of many Nigerians.

In one of his Instagram posts, he said that despite the West tagging Africa as an overly religious and underdeveloped continent, they are the ones suffering from the spread of the virus and not Africa.

“They are not happy that there are churches scattered here and there including fake churches and fake prophets whose prayers never reached heaven.

“They said Africa is too religious and undeveloped like China and America, and South Korea. Now the whole nation of Italy of sixty million population was quarantined as at yesterday. All Schools, Universities, and Colleges of many regions and some nations are completely shut down. The Minister of Health of a nation has also tested positive,” he said.

Pastor Bamiloye also advised young people not to rush into marriage out of desperation. he opined that the devil takes advantage of their desperation to ‘package one of his cousins as a suitor’ for them. He added that no one wants to have a devil’s cousin for a suitor and that these single individuals should exercise patience because God’s choice is worth waiting for.