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Why Fani-Kayode’s fourth marriage to ‘mentally ill’ woman fails

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By Agnes Abubakir

A graphic detail on the crisis that led to the crash in the  marriage of former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, and Precious Chikwendu have been revealed.

In a series of tweet by blogger, Kemi Olunloyo,  on her Twitter page, the one-time lovebirds seem to have gone their separate ways.

In the tweets. Olunloyo revealed that the former Minister’s wife was confined to a mental hospital, but stayed there for three weeks out of the three months she was to spend, and was treated as an outpatient but reportedly stopped taking her medications, which made her more violent.

Her tweets: “Sources and family told me that Mrs Precious Fani-kayode had everything any wife would want. She even requested to have all her children at once so that she could enjoy them while young and Femi gave her a delicate but safe fertility treatment conceiving TRIPLETS.

“When Mrs Precious Fani-Kayode was committed to a mental hospital, it was for 3 months but she begged to go home after 3 weeks and was treated outpatient but reportedly stopped taking her medications and became more violent. She was reported roaming the streets of Abuja.

“Sources @PoliceNG say Mrs Precious Fani-Kayode was arrested in a hotel room with a married naval officer who was charged with adultery a crime in Northern Nigeria. They called FFK to the red-handed scene. They were both charged with conspiracy to KILL Femi.

“Later that night Precious was reportedly chased out of the hotel by management because three different men met her there three consecutive nights and hotel management said it wasn’t appropriate for a married woman living locally to be staying there.
“Sources told me that Mrs Precious Fani-Kayode had surgery done and came home to a welcome party, she tossed the food made for her in front of guests and walked out stating that she was “hearing voices” in her head. She then left the premises to check into a hotel.”

The journalist also disclosed that she communicated with the family members of Precious who said that FFK has never beaten Precious in the house and allegations of domestic violence are all false.

Precious’s uncle, Rev. Okey Onyemachi, in a recorded conversation with Olunloyo said that Precious pulling a knife and threatening to stab everyone was not a secret as she recorded herself in a video, while she made the threats.

Onyemachi said: “I am a Minister of the gospel but usually, even in my house, we have misunderstandings, which are normal with every human being.

“I had to come to Abuja in 2019 when she had to pull a knife, which is not a secret because it was recorded in a video by her.

“While she held the knife, she was making all sorts of comments and allegation.

“However, I think it was when she had an episode which can be better defined by a doctor.

“Policemen came in and tried to plead with her to calm down, but couldn’t do so.

“A Doctor came in and tried to assist in various ways but eventually, she was forced and taken to the hospital.

“She was trying to stab everybody who was around the place at that time, including my sister, who was staying with them.”

Contrary to reports about the true paternity of the Fani-Kayode boys, Precious’s aunt, Joy Onyemachi, in a recorded conversation with Olunloyo said that Precious opted for IVF because she wanted to have her babies early and at once.

She said: “I was with them for almost three years, taking care of her late mother who was living in their house due to her condition.

“Precious is a nice girl, as far as I am concerned.

“What is wrong with her is not a medical issue.

“At times, she misbehaves.

“I am not ready to elaborate on the problem because every marriage have different challenges but Chief (Fani-Kayode) did not beat her up.

“There is bound to be exchange of words.”

On what she meant by saying, Precious’ problem is not a medical issue, she said she is not ready to talk about it now but whatever article that was written by blogs are lies.

She said: “Whatever, is written in the news are all lies.

“For me to be there for three years, I was there with my elder brother the day praying as she was about to deliver the triplets.

“Her husband was in the theater with her.

“Even when she was going for the procedure for the IVF.

“She opted for an IVF because she wanted to have her babies early.

“So, the person who wrote that lies is a fool and wicked.

“God will not stop judging the person.”

However, with all the articles that have been written by different blogs and news site, the former Minister and his wife have kept mum about the current situation of their marriage.

Recall that they got married in 2014 and have four boys together, including triplets named: Aragon, Ragnar, Liam and Aiden.

Additional details from Eagle Online