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#EndSARS protest: The good, the bad and the ugly

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By Abayomi Arabambi

The #endsars# protest vividly made it clear that Justice is truly the first condition of humanity and this presupposes that the Government needs to dutifully keep constantly monitoring the official activities of all arms of the security agencies to quickly remove any form of unconstitutionality in the process of discharging their duties , this includes the various Courts. 

Every inch and step in the manner and ways official duties are performed by all the various cells that administer security and justice on behalf of the people must be jealously monitored.

The upshot is that from here on, things about policing would not remain the same again. It is a big unquantifiable thanks to the youths of this Country at this point in the life of the Nation. 

History will be kind to this generation of Nigerian youths.

 The Nigerian Police Force has a kind of origin and tradition it grew from and it is evident in its name which implied "force" , a twin to brutality. The police started as slavish , cruel and arrogant enforcers of the selfish interests of the Colonial Britain in its conquered territory then and even after the cheaply negotiated  "Independence" , the Nigerian Police Force remains and has been operating as some occupation  slave drivers in its official duties.

The Nigerian Police could not have been able to suddenly grow out of its very cruel and highly  intimidating style of policing because it is through that the entrenched and established corrupt practices that has always been their second nature is sustained.

The Police , much more so through its "SARS" had been so harsh and extremely uncivilised in its ways and means it dealt with the people , readily at all times practice great injustice on the instigations of the rich against the poor.

 All of these combined to make the Police the most dangerous entity to the people.This very one SARS - arm of the police deserves to be exposed to the world by the protest.

 The People on their own part did so very beautifully well by their instant support of the #endsars# protest by the youths. The people in one voice rose to condemn the SARS operatives in a big way.
At a point , the youths successfully made the protest to become international when Nigerians in diaspora widely joined their colleagues in the global prosecution of the protest .

However, quite very unfortunately , the highly successful protest acquired a recklessness and foolhardiness that offered the people who refused to lose touch with reason to begin to plead for restraints but those among them who are being remote - controlled by some people turned the protest some  determination in pursuit of another set of objectives . In a sad regrettable suddenness the psychology of the protesters began to be compromised by the introduction of all kinds of needless and strange actions that brought the earlier peaceful protest to a war - situation. Totally unnecessary lies  of events , even by the accounts of the spokesperson of the youths got critically biased , grossly  exaggerated and only inexplicably kind to the hijackers of the protest for self - aggrandisement as the protesters in the majority became paranoid , caged by the flip side of some  form of egotism that made them to with delusion imagine that the world has come to revolve around them and began to run a propaganda machine spreading all kinds of lies and misinformation all over the Internet that seeks deadly nefariousness in the Government but seeing none , they imply it. This evil got them that the truth when detected transformed the protesters into a worst image worse than the SARS operatives that was the subject of the protest in many ways.

 It got so bad that the mass of the people who have all along been supportive began to distance themselves from the protesters in very large numbers. The protesters got so much absorbed in their new and sudden evil ways that all that are being reported are merely imagined . It is a sad situation that such a popular protest has come to surrender to the control of people who are desirous of setting the Nation on fire .

Meanwhile , all of the excesses of the youths got another deal of corrupt practices exposed by the Lagos State Government's sad concealment of Covid - 19 relief packages meant for the vulnerable in the public in a secret warehouse.This one criminal diversion should be investigated and all who are found to be culpable should be instantly prosecuted  as a way to assure and convince the Nation that lesson from the protest has been learnt .

 One other important and critical wonder is the ongoing riots deliberately setting properties on fire. It is unfortunate and totally unintelligent. However it must be noted that it is the house rat that always invite the bush rat into the house . In short , it is obvious that it is the separatists in Yoruba land that are implicated in this. Still,that any Yoruba true son could be so  daft as to lend hand into burning and general destroying the legacies of his own race is highly condemnable.

 Moreover ,i say without apology that now that the Government has realised and has accepted that it is duty - bound to watch with hawkish alert over the manner duties are discharged by the Security Agencies as demonstrated in the quick scraping of the dreaded arm of the Police called SARS and officially conceding to look into the other demands of the protesters , it is not wise for the Yorubas to let a few Yoruba misguided youths to   grow a bad image for the race. This now growing bad actions of mostly drug - propelled youths being used by the Separatists to ignite a war aimed to start from Yoruba land is to put it  simply  "hugging  fatalism" .

 Protesters should be told that it should not all be about blocking road and destroying lives,  properties and making unproductive noises in revolutionary pretences.I sincerely suggest that the protesters should as a matter of urgency consider an exit . I here at this point offer loads of high commendation to our traditional rulers and some easily identifiable religious leaders who stoutly refrained from  inciting violence and fanning the embers of division. I thank you  immensely.

 Furthermore , now that voices have been loudly raised and effectively heard , I strongly suggest that the protesters should at this point leave the streets and firmly end the protest to at least allow the thoroughly convinced and truly willing Government to grapple with the stated demands that informed the protests .

 The Nation have been unintentionally conditioned into the opportunity to freshly acquire new social psychology which must include being patriotic. The initial quality and strength of the protest has effectively indicated to the current ruling Government and all subsequent ones that Nigeria has now grown people with advanced and highly informed to readily promote and defend the rights of the people . THIS IS A GREAT PLUS FOR NIGERIAN DEMOCRACY.

Its pertinent at this point to particularly with no apology recognise the very great degree of crisis management capacity depicted by Ogun State Government led by Prince Dapo Abiodun in successfully containing the protest and not allowing it to degenerate into crisis of any degree in Ogun State by employing the fine principles of democracy at its best .Yes the beauty of music is not the level of generated noise since action even speaks louder than voice . Thank you our very able , capable and listening Governor.

I keep this to the tail end of this piece , it is about the visible and undeniable implications of the opposition party PDP in the ugly part of the now hijacked and compromised protest .

 Also implicated is the long - time outlawed IPOB of the Igbos. Good enough , Nnamdi Kanu , the fugitive leader of IPOB has claimed responsibility for the ongoing orgy of destruction and vandalization in Lagos Nigeria.

 Basically , there are three  identified group of interests in the body of hoodlum protesters that has lead to murder, mayhem and arson as no members of original #ENDSARS were involved 

 I here by express my  sympathy and condolence to the immediate and extended families  of the dead, irrespective of how they came to their unfortunate ends as  what began as peaceful protests were suddenly hijacked by this group to promote anarchy as seen in killings, burning  of public buildings and private properties, looting and criminal release of hardened criminals, and many others. 

The groups are : 

(1) Those who are paws , puppets and paid agents of the opposition party , PDP intent on creating chaos in the polity enough to unseat the present Government with a view of becoming the only visible and broad enough party as lone alternative .
 (2) Also , highly very loudly involved is the all - the - while proscribed strictly Igbo rebellious and Criminally group , the IPOB led by the International fugitive , Nnamdi Kanu. 
(3) are the other very dangerous but silent operatives of the Yoruba arm of the Separatists , bent on balkanising Nigeria, Of course , another strategic enemy of the Government and invariably the mass of Nigerians is the print and electronics media who are still very angry with the current Government for well known but acutely selfish reasons . 

This class of and group has never hidden their desire to create a serious war scenario in Nigeria to get at the PMB Government. It is very known by the reading public that this group are very much emotionally woven into the hopes and desires of the PDP. Of course , there are a few negligible and very insignificant members of the Nigerian media that have changed for the better reporting now objectively while the rest grew worse by the day.

This class precedes the current protests but it is in agreement with that of their allies like the IPOB , PDP who must wait for the power of the ballot ,that is if Nigerian will consider them after their disastrous 16 years or choose other political parties and their  Yoruba  SEPARATISTS.

In conclusion , Disgruntled Opposition  PDP Members , IPOB AND YORUBA SEPARATISTS are behind  the new violence and not the original#ENDSARS # PROTESTERS


Public Affairs Analysts

Immediate past Ipac Chairman Ogun State.

State Chairman Ogun State LP

Ag National Vice Chairman Southwest Labour Party