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Why I slapped man in viral video — Sen. Abbo

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By Our Correspondent

The representative of Adamawa North Senatorial District, Elisha Abbo, has offered explanations on why he slapped a young man in a viral video.

Abbo, also called the Sex Toy Senator for slapping a young mother at a sex shop in Abuja, offered the explanation after the video went viral on Thursday.

He said the man he slapped in Mubi, Adamawa State pointed a gun at him at a roadblock they set up, demanding for N2 million.

He said the man was at the head of a group of youth extorting money from road users with guns.

Abbo said the event occurred last month while he was on his way to the wedding of his cousin.

A locally made pistol was said to have been used by the youth in question.

Abbo said the challenge he noticed was that there was so much hunger in the land, hence the resort to crime.

He said: “Most of the youths are pushed into this, wasting their talents by doing something bad to the detriment of themselves and the society at large.

“That young man was not deliberate to have attempted attacking me with his dane gun.

“Idleness and poverty are eating deep into the fabric mental being of the youth in our society.

“It is harshly biting hard on them and I must try my best to take them out of that mess.”

In this regard, Abbo said he would be empowering the people of his constituency this Saturday.

He said: “Come this Saturday, I will go back to my constituency to have a self-sustained empowerment programme of millions of naira to help them regain their poverty freedom.”