Barrister Is An Idol We Must All Worship- Fuji Star, Atawewe - SALIENT TIMES ONLINE

Barrister Is An Idol We Must All Worship- Fuji Star, Atawewe

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By Jide Osoba

A Fuji Star, Sulaimon Oladele Adio Oyeneye popularly known as Atawewe has said that late Sikiru Ayinde Barrister is the only Idol they should be worshipping in the music industry.

He said that the late pioneer of Fuji  has given all musicians opportunities to be where they are today , saying that his good  deeds can never be forgotten in the industry.

Atawewe disclosed this in an interview with newsmen  in Abeokuta on Sunday.

He said, ''Late Dr. Sikiru Ayinde Barrister is a special man with clean heart during his life time. He gave us the opportunity we are enjoying now as far as you are singing,  or you are in entertainment industry, we should see him as  an idol we should all worship.

''Late Ayinde Barrister during his life time  gave thousands of people job opportunities infact he is an Icon'' Atawewe concluded

He disclosed that he has recently released an album titled ''world best'' which is doing very great, adding that  another one titled ''Celebration'' will be released by April.

''Part of what my fans should be expecting from me in this year are my two albums, the ''world best'' which is out already while the  Celebration will be released by Aprill. The video of World Best Album is coming  out soon'' 

While speaking on what brought about the title of the album World Best, he said that he was given the name world best at a concert.

''You see when you are good at what you are doing people will be giving you different identities, world best came through a concert  called AFRI MA, there were  different artistes invited to the concert and I was  one of the artistes to   perform that day after the concert one of the journalists that interviewed me said he didn't  have anything  to call me than world best, that many artistes have performed but when it got to my turn it was so loud that I was given loudable welcome he said I was able to control the show''

He added that in his new albums  he talked about  current affairs , covid 19, about celebrities who are  living fake lives and many more.