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Orisabunmi’s Family Denies Actress Died Of COVID-19

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By Our Correspondent

Last week, Nigeria’s film industry lost one of its stars following the demise of Folakemi, Aremu better known as Orisabunmi

The screen star died at the age of 60 at her home in Ibadan, Oyo state.

Following the news of her death, some news outlets reported that she died of covid-19 complications.

She reportedly contracted coronavirus at an event where a popular gospel artiste, Esther Igbekele, performed in Ibadan, Oyo State in December.

Orisabunmi’s elder brother Steve Onishola passed on at the age of 71 shortly after her death while her sister died on Saturday.

It was further alleged that she infected some family members with the virus.

However, her nephew Gbenga Onishola has denied that Orisabunmi’s death is related to covid-19.

Oluwaseun Adelubi, a member of the family has described the reports as “unfounded lies” and misinforming.

He cleared the air in regards to the deaths in the family saying that they weren’t connected.

He said,

“We have been hearing and reading the unfounded lies being circulated on social media about their death being Covid19 related but I can tell you that it is a lie, such nonsense should be ignored.

“I am not sure what those behind the lies want to achieve with their stupid act of misinforming unsuspecting members of the public with unfounded lies about the Onisola family. The coach died in Ilorin while Orisabunmi and aunty Bukky died in Ibadan.

“Death is not what anybody prays for, but the death toll in the family, last week, is not about COVID-19. It was just a coincidence and we have been praying to God to avert such an event in our family.”

Orisabunmi was well known from the 80s for her roles as a priestess, pacifist, or the good witch in movies. She has played some iconic roles like ‘Asabi’ in “Oluwerimagboojo”, and the priestess in “Ayanmo Eda”