“We don’t want to kill cows” — Amaechi - SALIENT TIMES ONLINE

“We don’t want to kill cows” — Amaechi

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By Our Correspondent

Rotimi Amaechi, the minister of transportation, has disclosed the reason why the Abuja — Kaduna Rail is running below hundred kilometers.

Hours after the formal presidential candidate known as Adamu Garba unveiled and introduced many Nigerian to the business platform known as “Cow to Currency Networking” regarding the ban of Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin transactions by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

According to Rotimi Amaechi, that there are cows everywhere between Abuja to Kaduna and the ministry does not want to kill cows anymore.

The last time, the rail ran above 100 kilometers, it killed many cows and the owners requested compensation hence Abuja — Kaduna rail line cannot run faster than 90 kilometers per hour because “we don’t want to kill cows.”